Roger Price (D.M.A., The University of Kansas-1984), studied with Sequeira Costa, Leon Fleisher, Menahem Pressler, Digby Bell and Clarence Burg.  These teachers represent contrasting "schools" or philosophies of pianism, and give Price wide-ranging experience in different styles of playing and, therefore, teaching.  Jose Carlos Sequeira Costa, Cordelia Brown Murphy Distinguished Professor of Piano at the University of Kansas , has a distinctive style that is founded in European, particularly German and French schools of playing.  Pianist, conductor and pedagogue Leon Fleisher was influenced by the German school of playing through Schnabel, but is one of the great proponents of American music, as well.   Menahem Pressler is best known as the ebullient pianist of the famous Beaux Arts Trio and is expert in many styles.  These influences, combined with Price's particular perspective as a performing composer, lead to distinctive musical interpretations, founded on the great traditions of pianism, but demonstrating a desire to penetrate deeply into the fabric of the music and go further than traditional insights.

Price performs a great variety of the solo piano and chamber music repertoire and has a particular interest in recently composed music. CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE LIVE PERFORMANCES.  

 If you are interested in engaging Dr. Price for performances, performances of his compositions, commissions, workshops in piano technique, philosophies of interpretation, piano literature, or piano and composition study at The University of Tulsa, please contact him at:

Dr. Roger Price, Professor of Music (Piano and Composition), School of Music, The University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK  74104,, or 918-631-2782.