Welcome to my webpage. I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the University of Tulsa.

By training, I am an applied mathematician who enjoys to develop accurate, efficient and robust numerical methods to solve real-world problems. Mainly, I focus on developing finite element methods for partial differential equations defined on surfaces. Such problems have many interesting applications; tumor growth, butter fly wing pigmentation, cell motility are to name a few.

During my postdoc years I got very interested in with mathematical biology and started several collaborations in this area. This is a very exciting area of my research and it is supported by NSF.
At University of Tulsa, I develop a Mathematical Biology course which I offer every Fall. My students in this class start doing research in mathematical models of infectious diseases.

I also have some interest in inverse problems arising in mathematical biology and various other applications such as medical imaging and groundwater hydrology problem. My research can be summarized under the following topics.

• Finite Element Method on Surfaces
• Mathematical Biology
• Inverse Problems

Mini symposiums:

• AMS Fall Central Sectional Meeting, organized the special session entitled “
Advances in Mathematical Methods for Disease Modeling,” Washington University, St. Louis, MO, October 2013.

• SIAM Annual Meeting, organized the mini-symposium entitled “
Analysis and Numerical Approximations of Partial Differential Equations Defined on Surfaces,” San Diego, CA, July 2013.

• SIAM Conference on Life Sciences, organized the mini-symposium entitled “
Contemporary Approaches in Mathematical Epidemiology, Ecology and Population Dynamics,” San Diego, CA, August 2012.