(Comparison of various traditions, including several of the more popular Pagan traditions)
Compiled by Marc Carlson
It was last edited 9 June 2004

  * ** Budge Clement Hutton Hyatt Long Lost Friend Mann Ravenwolf Cunningham Farrar
Black:   Shadows; the Absence of Light Protects against the Evil Eye. Death, Sorrow,
Sadness, Grief; Saturn; Carpicorn
Humility; Mourning; Purity of Life. Darkness;Wickedness; Death.
(Hyatt) Death.
    Protection from "worms" (Disease)   Protection; Binding Protection; The Night; the Universe, the
ultimate source of Divine Energy; the Lack of Falsehood
Restriction; Limitation; Binding; Saturn; Binah
on the Tree of Life.
Blue: Good Luck. Divine Love Chaste Affection; Jupiter; Sagittarius; Pisces Heaven, Heavenly Love, Truth, Constancy, and
      Sagittarius Heaven; God/Divinity; Spirituality; Peace Healing; Psychic awareness; the Goddess in
her Ocean aspect.
The Sky Goddess; Air; Functional Healing;
Jupiter; Justice; Organization; Administration; Chesed on
the Tree of Life; the female, magnetic principle
Brown:     Wards off Sickness; Penitence and Grief.     St. Anthony - To recover lost articles     Friendship and strength. Agriculture. Animals preferred by some as the Earth color.
Gold/Yellow: Unfaithfulness. Death in Summer's Heat Assists with people who suffer from Jaundice &
other diseases of the Liver; triumph; Falsity; Treason;
Ambition; Avarice; Sun; Leo
Sun; Goodness of God; Marriage; Fruitfulness.
Jealousy; Inconstancy; and Deceit.
  Peace and Satisfaction; Money; Curse others.   Leo. Sun; Fertility; Good form; Health in Mind and
Divination Solar magic; the Sun God; Tiphareth on the Tree;
in some systems, the Earth color.
Gray: Sadness Balance (Darkness and Light) Aquarius Pennance; Mourning; Humility; Accused
Green: A Hope Fulfilled. Life; Love; Fulfillment Vegetation and fertilizing rain; Fertility;Strength; Virility; Triumph; Hope; Confidence; Venus;
Taurus, Libra.
Spring; Expressed Hope; Victory Enchantment; Gods. Money.   Libra. Fertility; Ideas and things that grow and
prosper; Success.
Herbalists and magical ecologists. Nature; the Goddess in her summer, Death-in-life
aspect; Water; Emotion; Instinct; Intuition;
Venus/Aphrodite; Netzach on the Tree of Life.
Orange:   Burning embers, still living but coming to an end Luxury.         Gemini Career and matters involving needed success
and abundance of projects already begun.
Protection; The God in Solar Aspect. Intellect, Communication; Travel; Mercury; Hod
on the Tree of Life.
Red: A Strong Love Passion; Life Used to stop blood fluxes and bleeding;
Protection from Fire and Lightning; Ardoir; Health;
Strength; Mars; Aries.
 Royalty, Fire, Divine Love, the Holy Spirit,Creative Power, and Heat. Blood, War, Hatred. Death, Destruction, more "primitive" gods. Victory; Blood; Good Luck; Starting fights. Protection from "worms" (Disease);
Aries Power; Sacrifice; Passion; Strength. Protection; The God in Solar Aspect.  Life; Fire; Vigor; Organic healing; Mars;
Geburah on the Tree of Life; the male electric principle.
Rose     Sweetness of Disposition.                
Silver:      The Moon; Cancer Purity, Virginity, Innocence, Faith, Joy,
            Moon Magic; the Moon Goddess; the Goddess in her
Winter, Life-in-Death aspect.
Violet/Purple:  Mourning Mourning, the Lost Past, faded glories Protects Children from Sickness; Makes them
Docile; Triumph; Constancy; Fidelity; Freshness;
Firstborn; Pomp; Pride.
Passion; Suffering; Love and Truth.       Aquarius Sacred and Spiritual. Magicians; Spiritual awareness. The Akhashic Principle; the Astral Plane; Yesod
on the Tree of Life; in some systems, the Spirit color.
White:   The Will of the Gods; the Supernatural Protects against the Evil Eye; Carries the
Protection of Heaven; Purity; Truth; Joy.
Risen Savior; the Virgin at the Assumption;
Chastity; Humility; Integrity.
Supernatural. Luck; Peace and Happiness. Protection from "worms" (Disease)   Purity; Tabula Rasa. Moon; Female
aspect of Life; Water.
Purification; Pure spirituality; Mediation;
Cleansing; the Goddess.
Purity; Innocence; Work for small children;
Kether on the Tree of Life.

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(*) An undocumented stone divination form.
(**) An undocumented occult tradition.