proj28.jpg (33893 bytes)

Set some nails around the side to tighten the front part of the vamp

proj29.jpg (17202 bytes) I should note that the differences in the vamp and quarters leather has to do with this being a new pattern, and I didn't have all the kinks worked out of it.  it is possible to cut this so that it's less wasteful of leather.
proj30.jpg (15615 bytes)

Pull the nail from the heel and pull the back oart of the shoe down firmly.  Then renail the heel area.  Pulling the heel down pulls the vamp tighter.

(I should note that again we don't know if it was done this way, however it is a non intrusive modern technique that doesn't contradict the evidence and gives a more snug fit to the last).


proj31.jpg (21444 bytes)

Finish nailing the waist and heel area and let sit to dry.


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