proj44.jpg (21629 bytes) At this point, a slight divergence.  This is a lump of code (modernly known as "shoemakers wax", "hand wax" and so on), and is used to cere or wax the thread.
proj45.jpg (21573 bytes)

This is linen thread.  There are several suggested ways to Make your thread.   This is the way that I do it.  I also tend to use threads that are only about a yard/a meter long.  The master shoemaker who's been helping me with this uses threads at least three times that long.


proj46.jpg (29220 bytes)

Draw the thread through the code, until it's covered completely/


proj47.jpg (30704 bytes) As you can see, the threads are waxed into a flat ribbon.
proj48.jpg (10182 bytes)

These are then twisted into a single thread.


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