Salt man's Boot (c.200 CE)

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The only information I have been able to find regarding this boot was in the April 2000 issue of National Geographic.  It was found in an old salt mine in the Zanjin province of Iran with the shin and foot of the owner still inside it.  Just based on the appearance of the seam attaching the sole to the upper in the single photograph, I would be inclined to suggest a that it might be a turnshoe (although it's still a little early for that, based on the information I currently have -- which, of course, is woefully incomplete). Specifically, a turnshoe, where the sole was cut back from the edge, a practice that predated the use of a welt in Europe.  The uppers closings seemed to be on the inside - but then again, we really don't see much of them. The leather appears to be goat, or something similar, and has the grain on the inside.

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