Solleret (Speculative design)

Also called variously, Cowmouth, Kuhmaul, Escarpin, Scarpino, Bear's Claw, Bear Paw.  The illustration above is , found in Norris.  Following the whole pointy shoe craze, the trend drifted towards more blunt, squared-off toes. However, as with the Poulaines, the Solleret eventually became grossly exagerated. The style was limited at times to a mere 6 inches wide. They were often worn by the German Mercenary soldiers.  This can be either a welted shoe, or a turned -welt shoe.

The basic design is MY estimate of the pattern, and may not be absolutely accurate.

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Footwear of the Middle Ages - Historical Shoe Designs/Number 41, by I. Marc Carlson. Copyright 1996
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