"Nobleman's shoe" (c1100-1200)

A "Nobleman's shoe" found in Norris (pg. 58), and Wilson and was apparently quite popular with the Angevin as both sources refer to it as being worn by Geoffrey and Henry of Anjou. It is a high backed shoe, made with a rand. Some pictures of this sort of shoe seem to bave the center vamp be a seam, or laced, while in others it may be simply decoration.

When the center of the vamp *is* seamed , it is stitched to fit the instep, with binding cords or piping to keep the vamp from stretching. These are decorated in contrasting colors.

The sides of this shoe can be cut quite low, although in this case, the inner side should be left higher than the outer.

The basic design is MY estimate of the pattern, and may not be absolutely accurate.

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