"Common" Anglo Saxon Shoe (c700-1000)


According to Norris (Page 271) and Wilson, this is a common shoe style from the Anglo Saxon period onward. Note that with little alteration, such as the installation of a rand, it could be easily have been worn up through the Tudor Era. It may be seen in such illustrations as that in Building of the Tower of Babel. According to Owen Crocker the basic Anglo-Saxon shoe was black, and fairly undecorated, although there might be some dyed leather, or a colored strip embroidered or painted down the vamp. The basic design is MY estimate of the pattern, and may not be absolutely accurate.

The black color of the leather may well be the result of oxidation of the ink in the illustrations, or difficulties in finding the proper brown colors, as no real sign of "black" Anglo-Saxon shoes has been found.

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Footwear of the Middle Ages - Historical Shoe Designs/Number 14, by I. Marc Carlson. Copyright 1996
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