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As with the Glossary of Footwear Terminology, the following conventions hold:  Medieval shoemaking terms will be noted in italics. Traditional shoemaking jargon terms will be in bold face. Terms that are not documentably medieval, but likely are, will be given in bold faced italics. Modern archeological and shoemaking jargon terms will be underlined. Specific sources will be named in [brackets].

International Language Terminology Cross-Reference General Glossary of Footwear Types

Traditional English (UK) Traditional English (US) Western/Cowboy Boot Other Thornton/Swann French German Medieval Latin Middle English
Awl Awl Awl     Alêne   Subula Alishin, Elshyn, Elsyn, Bodkin
Boot Boot Boot     Botte      
Boot, Shoe Shoe Shoe     Chaussure Schuh   Shoo
Binding, Top Band (hold in a liner) Binding, Top Band (hold in a liner)   Collar, Cuff Edge Binding (Top band) Bordure; Bracelet (?)      
Binding Cord       Reinforcement Cord        
Bristle Bristle              
Chaucepe         Chaunce Pé, Chausse-pied   Subtaleris Chaspy
Clicking (c.1690) Trenching (c1589) Clicking            
Crimping Blocking              
Blocking (soling the last)              
Boot Leg     Boot Leg          
Bottom Bottom Bottom   Bottom Unit        
Channel Channel Channel   Channel        
Counter Counter Outside Counter, Counter Cover Heel Spur   Contre-forte, Talonette      
Counter Foxing, Counter Counter Back Stiffener,
Back Strap
Stiffener, Heel Stiffener Contreforts      
      Lacing holes, Tie Holes       Eyelets
Feather Feather            


Findings Grindery              
Gimping Pinking   Perforation Cut-Outs        
      Half sole        
Heel Heel (outside added on part)              
Heel Block Footing Block, Heel Block             Footynge Block
Inseam Inseam     Welt seam, Inseam        
Insole, Inner Sole Insole, Inner Sole              
Instep Instep              
Lace Lace              
Lapped Seam (Overlapped Seam)                
Last Last       Embouchoir Leist, Schuhleisten Formes, Furmes, Forma, Crepidam Laeste, Laste, Last
Latchet, Ties Latchet, Ties     Latchet Bride, Orielette     Latchet, Languide
Lining Lining              
Midsole, Middle Sole Midsole, Middle Sole              
Needle Needle         Nädel    
Out Sole, Outer Sole Out Sole, Outer Sole              
Quarters Quarters     Backpart Quartiers      
Rand Rand     Folded welt?        
Revamping Forefooting            
Repair Sole Repair Sole     Clump, Clump Sole        
Sandal Sandal     Sandal        
Split Hold, Seam Round seam, Round closed Seam Round seam, Round closed     Butted Seams, Flesh-Edge stitch        
Sew, Sewing Sew, Sewing              
Sewing block, Closing Block Sewing block, Closing Block              
      Sewing thread        
Shoemaker Bootmaker, Cordwainer           Sutor Shoemaker, Souter, Sewtor, Cordwainer
Shoemaker's stitch Shoemaker's stitch   Saddler's stitch, Saddle Stitch          
        Side Seam        
        Side linings Ailette      
Size Stick/Shoe Size, Gage, Sliding Rule, Measure                
    Skive, Skiving            
Slipper Slipper              
Sock Sock   Sole Liner Sock liner        
Sole Sole       Semelle   Solea Semelles, Semeus
Sole Stitching Sole Stitching              
        Spring Heel        
Stabbed Seam (Closed (or Close) Seam) Stabbed Seam (Closed (or Close) Seam)              
Stabbing Stabbing              
Stacked Heel Stacked Heel              
Stirrup (Stirrup Strap) Stirrup (Stirrup Strap)         Rheim   Stirrup
Stitch, Stitching Stitch, Stitching              
      Stitchdown, Veldtshoen.        
Straights Upright shoes              
Strap Strap              
Tag     Lace End       Aglet (Aigulet)
Thong(ing) Thong(ing)   Wang,  Whang Thong        
Thread Thread, Twist           Licino. Lingle?
Throat Throat       Cou-de-pied      
Toe Cap, Cap Cap, Toe Cap   Outside cap          
Toe Box, Box Toe Lining (Toe Puff) Toe Puff   Toe Box Patan      
Tongue Tongue              
Treadline Treadline   Joint          
Tree (Last, Stretching) Tree (Last, Stretching)     Shoe trees        
      Tunnel Stitch (Caterpillar Stitch) Courture de parade      
      Turned-Welt Construction (Turned Welt; Turnwelt)        
Turned Work       Turnshoe Turned shoe        
        Upper (Overleathers) Tige, Dessus      
Vamp Vamp     Forepart, Vamp Avant-Pied, Claque, Empeigne   ?Inpedias (Empeignes, Enpenyes); Pedana, Pedula Forefoot, Vamp, Vampethe, Vampet , Vawmpe, Vampey
Waist Waist Shank   Waist (Shank)        
Wax, Shoemakers Wax. Wax, Paste Wax, Handwax   Wax       Code, Coad, Coade, Wax, ...
Waxed End, Tatched End Waxed end, Points Waxed End Tatched end.          
Welt, Rann, French Seat Welt     Welt, Rand, Bead Welt Trépointe Rähm Intercucium, Intercutium Waltys
      Welted Construction        
Whip (Whip Stitch) Whip (Whip Stitch) Whip (Whip Stitch)   Whip (Whip Stitch)        
        Wrap-round Upper (One Piece Upper, Side Seam)        

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