These are some Links that I think are relevant to historical Shoemaking.  If you think that I have left any out, please feel free to let me know.  Dead links are noted in a green font.

Note - I will comment on some of these.

Medieval Shoemaking Links


Related Links
Medieval/Re-enacting Shoemaking Links


Dead or Historical Links
  • Early Medieval Irish Shoes (
  • The History of your shoes (
  • Latchet shoemaking, by John McCullum (
  • Late 14th Century shoes with Poulaine by Gregory Stapleton
  • Paul Lalonde's Burgundian Court Shoes
  • A Practical Guide to Reproducing a Late 14th Century Shoe using Patterns from Extant Examples (
  • Shoe pages and Links (
  • Stuart Shoes and Shoemaking (
  • Viking Footwear!
  • Viking Shoes (
  • Wooden Shoes (

Finally, I've been asked to stick in some links to my other web pages.

Some Resources for Shoemaking, Shoemaking and Shoe Findings:
I would prefer to NOT list businesses, since this is supposed to be an educational site, not a business directory, and really I don't want to give the impression that I am endorsing specific businesses above others.

However, because I keep being asked about people who are making shoes, I have listed some on a separate page elsewhere. 

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