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Compiled by Marc Carlson
It was last edited 27 June 2004

Timeline of A Mysterious Universe
(an exercise in persistence, and change)


There are numerous contradictions and what appears to be outright fantasy in the following entries. Rather than force a determination as to what material is "better" than the others, I've tried to include it all equally. I've broken this up into several files for ease of handling.

  1. Dates marked with an asterisk (###*) indicate a guess on my part.
  2. Material marked with an asterisk in parentheses (*) is public "Real World" information. Please note this does not mean that I am claiming that they really happened, just that they are purported to have happened.
  3. An "i" in brackets [I] denotes conspiracy or Illuminati events.
  4. A "j" in brackets [J] denotes events specifically relating to the Kennedy Assassination.
  5. An "m" in brackets [M] denotes something to do with "Monsters" or "Mysterious Events"
  6. A "u" in brackets [U] denotes something to do with UFOs.

The Timeline

c.5th Century