TIME LINE of the Star Trek Universe, pt. 4
(Revision 13 May 2005)
Compiled by Marc Carlson

Since all of this information came from other sources, I really don't feel like I can copyright it. Feel free to use it as you wish. If you like the occasional hypothesis herein all I ask is that you remember where you got it.

Note on sources:

The sources used for this were the episodes and movies, the Next Generation Technical Manual, the Star Trek Chronology, The Writers Guides and onscreen visual references found in the Concordances to the old and new series. The old series Technical Manual was used as a comparison in one instance only.

The codes in parentheses indicate the source. Episode and movie codes are explained under the titles, where they occur in the chronology. The follow the coding system is based on those used by Bjo Trimble and Larry Nemecek.

STTOS, TOS = Star Trek, the Original Series
STTNG, TNG = Star Trek, the Next Generation
STDS9, DS9 = Star Trek, Deep Space Nine
STV, STV = Star Trek, Voyager
ENT = Enterprise (aka Star Trek, Enterprise)
STTOS:TM = Star Trek Technical Manual
STTNG:TM = Star Trek the Next Generation Technical Manual
STDS9:TM  = Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual
STC = The Star Trek Chronology, a History of the Future
STC2   = The Star Trek Chronology, a History of the Future (2d ed)
STE = The Star Trek Encyclopedia
STE2 = The Star Trek Encyclopedia (2d ed)
STE3 = The Star Trek Encyclopedia (3d ed)
STM (date) = Star Trek Magazine (issue date)
WG# = The Writer's Guides, as referenced by Larry Nemecek in his Concordances, where the number indicates the season.

Following Nemecek's precedent, items marked with a /v containing information based on visual clues or Okudagram information; items marked with a /s contains information based on a script or other early version of an episode.

And finally, those items marked with an (*) are conjectural, based on the information on hand, and may be further explained by a description in brackets. An item marked by an asterisk within the brackets with the text indicates something constructed with the information on hand, as well as guesswork.

Items highlighted in Yellow take place in the Delta Quadrant.

Items highlighted in Blue take place in the Gamma Quadrant.

Part 1 (Creation-1999)
Part 2 (2000-2200)
Part 3 (2200-2363)
Part 4 (2364-????)

-The Chronology-
Part 4

2364 (41000-42000)

2365 (42000-43000)

2366 (43000-44000)

2367 (44000-45000)

2368 (45000-46000)

2369 (46000-47000)

2370 (47000-48000)

2371 (48000-49000)

2372 (49000-50000)

2373 (50000-51000)

2374 (51000-52000)

2375 (52000-53000)

2376 (53000-54000)

2377 (54000-55000)















Late 25th Century


Late 26th Century

27th Century

28th Century


29th Century

Late 31st Century (c3075)

123rd Century

2 Million

Part 1 (Creation-1999)
Part 2 (2000-2200)
Part 3 (2200-2363)
Part 4 (2364-????)