Timeline of the Nantucketer Universe
(Revision 4 December 2005)
Compiled by I. Marc Carlson

The following material is the the creation and the property of S.M Stirling.  Its use here is for information purposes only, and is presented without permission.

IST Island in the Sea of Time   DTF Dies the Fire
ATY Against the Tide of Years   TPW The Protector's War
OOE On the Oceans of Eternity   MAC A Meeting At Corvallis

Note:  There are spoilers below.  If you want to know what happens in the books, read them first.

  • Jared Cofflin born [He is said to be 50 in IST, and 48 in ATY].
  • Nigel Loring born (MAC).
  • Martha Stoddard born  (IST)
  • Juniper Mackenzie born (MAC)
  • Vickie Cofflin born (ATY) [She is 18 at the Event, and 27 in March, 8 AE]
  • Marion Alston is divorced (ATY).
  • Betty Cofflin dies (ATY).
  • March 17 [In IST, p.17 "the moon was a crescent, a few days past new" In March, 1998 the new moon was March 28, according to http://aa.usno.navy.mil/data/docs/MoonPhase.html#y1998. DTF, Chap 1. is explict that it's the 17th of March. This is supported by the comment that "Thank God the Moon's up", implying there's some light, which is right for the date. On March 17th, 1998 the moon was 4 days past Full.]
  • March 17 [Evening in Nantucket Ian Arnstein arrives. (IST, p.9) [Sunset in Boston on the 30th was about 6.08 pm ET/3.08 PT]
  • March 17 [8.15 ET/5.15 PT/6.15 RMT Michael Havel and the Larssons take off from Boise, Idaho airport (DTF Ch.1)
  • March 17 [9.09 ET/6.09 PT/7.09 RMT Sunset in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness? [Based on time of sunset in Boise]. A big dome of lights reported over Nantucket (DTF Ch.1)

The Event

  • March 18, 1 AE/2250BC 2.30 am ET/11.30 pm PT.  The dome of lights vanishes from Nantucket (at least in 1250 BC). (IST, p.17).  The island of Nantucket and the Coast Guard barque Eagle appear in the year 2250 BC.

  • March 18, 1 AE/2250BC First contact with Indians near "Boston", first introduction of European diseases to the Native Population. (IST).  The first suicides begin. (IST). First Town Meeting. (IST)

  • March, 1 AE/2250BC  The population begins to adapt. (IST)

The Change

  • March 18, 1998/CY 0 [9.15 ET/6.15 PT/7.15 RMT]  
  • March 18, 1998/CY 0 [11.15 ET/8.15 PT/9.15 RMT] Moonrise in Idaho (DTF Ch.3) [Moonrise on the 17th is 10.51 pm, more or less; 10 pm on the 30th]
  • March 19, 1998/CY 0 In London, the SAS are issued with pikes and halberds to deal with rioting (TPW).
  • March 20, 1998/CY 0 In London, the SAS under Nigel Loring and the Household Cavalry get the Queen out of London and down to the Isle of Wight.  They collect Prince Charles from Sandringham  (TPW).
  • April, 1998/CY 0 Michael Havel and Juniper Mackenzie have a brief relationship (DTF).


  • December 25, 1998/CY 0 Last of the Cannibals of Wavedon Manor dies (TPW).
  • 1998/CY 0 The Dłnedain Rangers are established (TPW).
  • March, 2AE/2249BC  The Constitutional Meeting (IST)
  • The Alban War
  • May, 2 AE/2249BC  Walker and company reach Greece and begin to work for Agamemnon (ATY)
  • June, 2 AE/2249BC Walker tries to learn Achaean writing, and begins to teach the alphabet.
  • 2 AE/2249BC, the Eagle circumnavigates the globe.  They bring moas back to Nantucket (ATY).
  • January, 1999/CY 1 Rudi Mackenzie is born (DTF).
  • Summer, 1999/CY 1 The palisade at Dun Juniper is built (TPW).
  • 1999/CY 1 Charles III is crowned (TPW).
  • 1999/CY 1 Icelander refugees begin to be brought to England.  Charles begins to take up with Hallgerda (TPW).
  • 3 AE/2248BC  Chicken Pox plague hits the Indians (ATY).
  • March, 3 AE/2248BC Walker and Martin set up a foundry (ATY).
  • 2000/CY 2 Bicycle born scouts from the Isle of Wight search Bedfordshire (TPW).
  • 2000/CY 2 New Forest Wiccans are discovered by Nigel Loring's scouts (TPW, MAC).
  • 2000/CY 2 Loring and his scouts reach Oxford (TPW).
  • 4 AE/2247BC  Measles plague hits the Indians (ATY).
  • 4 AE/2247BC Davis Arnstein born (ATY).
  • June, 4 AE/2247BC Nantucket sets up a blast furnace (ATY). Odikweos meets Walker (ATY). Odikweos and Walker go to Sicily (ATY).
  • July, 4 AE/2247BC Agamemnon review the troops (ATY).
  • In Sicily, Walker has every third person killed (ATY).
  • 2001/CY 3 The Cutty Sark ferries the last load of Icelanders to Britain (TPW).
  • 5 AE/2246BC
  • 2002/CY 5 English mission to France (TPW).
  • 6 AE/2245BC  Justin Clemens passes for Doctor (ATY).
  • November, 6 AE/2245BC  Walker plots to do away with Menelaus.  The Lady of Pain cult has begun (ATY).
  • June 7 AE/2244BC Odikweus visits Walker in "New York" (ATY).
  • March 24, 8 AE/2243BC  Town Meeting warns of Walker (ATY).
  • March, 8 AE/2243BC  The Emancipator's engines are built (ATY). [Vickie Cofflin is 27]
  • April, 8 AE/2243BC  Peter Girenas fights some Indians (ATY).
  • May, 8 AE/2243BC  Walker and Alice have a picnic near Walkeropolis (ATY).
  • July, 8 AE/2243BC  Ian Arnstein is trying to learn Akkadian (ATY). [There are Olmec nobles in Nantucket, and Tartessan ships are trading with them and have an embassy. Isketerol is King of Tartessos.]
  • August, 8 AE/2243BC  The Emancipator is launched (ATY).  Peter Girenas proposes a trek to the Pacific.
  • September, 8 AE/2243BC  Major Kenneth Holland assumes command of the planned Expeditionary Force (ATY).
  • October, 8 AE/2243BC  Cow pox reported in Nantucket.  Lincoln and Chamberlain are launched (ATY).
  • November, 8 AE/2243BC  The Expeditionary Force launches (ATY).
  • December, 8 AE/2243BC  Gun drills on the high seas (ATY).
  • January 9 AE/2242BC  The Expeditionary Force reaches Mauritius Base (ATY).
  • February 9 AE/2242BC  The Expeditionary Force reaches Babylon and meets with King Shagarakti-Shuriash (ATY).
  • March 9 AE/2242BC  Nantucket signs a treaty with Babylon.  Peter Girenas and his team prepare to depart. Storms reach the Chamberlain and the Lincoln (ATY).
  • April 9 AE/2242BC  The Chamberlain is hammered in a storm. They land on the west coast of Africa (ATY).
  • May 9 AE/2242BC  Prince Kashtiliash and the Nantucketers hunt lions. Dr. Clemens meets Azzu-ena (ATY).  Marion Alton and co. meet up with the local Bushmen. They encounter the Tartessians (ATY).
  • June 9 AE/2242BC  The Expeditionary Force help the Babylonians fight the Assyrians (ATY).
  • July 9 AE/2242BC  The Emancipator is relaunched at Ur-Base (ATY).  [The date of Ian Arnstein learning about the Hollard's various relationships is given as July]
  • September 9 AE/2242BC  The Assyrian capitol of Asshur falls. Kenneth Hollard frees Raupasha and retrieves the head of the Assyrian King, Tukulti-Ninutra.  Walker stops a a coup "against Agamemnon" with the help of the Dark Sisterhood of Hekate.  Ian Arnstein learns about the Hollard's various relationships (ATY).
  • 2006/CY 8 Nigel Loring is arrested for asking about lifting the Emergency Powers Act and reestablishing Parliament (TPW).
  • August 12, 2006/CY 8 John Hordle and Allyne Loring rescue Nigel Loring from Woburn Abbey on the northern border of civilized England.
  • August 13, 2006/CY 8 John Hordle and the Lorings reach Newport Pagnell and fight the Brushwood men there.
  • August 20, 2006/CY 8  They eventually escape to board the Tasmanian ship The Pride of St. Helens (TPW).
  • August 30, 2006/CY 8  The Pride of St. Helens rescues the crew of the damaged Cutty Sark and Prince Andrew after a battle with Moorish pirates (TPW).
  • 10 AE/2241BC [Peter Girenas is planning on wintering]
  • March, 2007/CY 9 The Tasmanian ship The Pride of St. Helens and the Lorings reach Portland around this time (TPW).
  • March 17, 2007/CY 9 The Corvallis people get together with the Mackenzies and Lord Bear for Gunpowder Day.  The Mackenzies and the Dłnedain encounter tigers and fleeing slaves in Salem chased by Lord Edward Liu (TPW).
  • March 21, 2007/CY 9 Arminger is building castles (The Portland Protective Association is the largest country west of New Deseret and is having conflicts with Pendleton, Yakima and the Mackenzie's and the Bearkillers).  The escaped slaves are found and taken in by the Mackenzies - they have a copy of Arminger's coded plans (TPW).
  • April 15, 2007/CY 9 The Mackenzies agree to establish Dun Laurel and decide to take the battle to the Protector (TPW).
  • May 6, 2007/CY 9 The Mackenzies approach Table Rock (TPW).
  • May 10, 2007/CY 9 At Mollala The Mackenzies fight the Protectors men and acquire Matilda Arminger.  The Lorings escape the Lord Protector's clutches, leaving him with the crew of the Pride of St. Helens and a load of fairly useless nerve agent (TPW).
  • May 12, 2007/CY 9 The Bearkillers engage Crusher Bailey near Crossing Tavern. They encounter the Lorings, and a rather large group of the Protectors people out hunting the Mackenzies.  The storytelling at Crossing Tavern (TPW).
  • July 22, 2007/CY 9 Harvest at Dun Fairfax (TPW).
  • August 21, 2007/CY 9 The Horsefair at Sutterdown (TPW).
  • August 24, 2007/CY 9 Lord Edward Liu leads a raid to rescue Mathilda Arminger (TPW).
  • December 10, 2007/CY 9 Lord Emiliano Gutierrez, Baron Dayton replaces the late Lord Edward Liu, Baron Gervais as Marchwarden of the South (MAC).
  • December 12, 2007/CY 9 Mathilda Arminger is still with the Mackenzies.  Lady Juniper takes her as her fostern. Representatives from Corvallis meet with the Lord Protector (MAC).
  • December 17, 2007/CY 9 The Dłnedain encounter some well equipped bandits being led by Sir Jason from Gervais and being perused by Father Andrew from Mt. Angel (MAC).
Mid 2020s
  • "Late 20s AE (-2)"/Late 1230s BC (-2)  Southhaven Town Meeting is admitted to the Republic. ("Bloodwolf") [estimated date given by Stirling on S.M. Stirling Yahoo group 6 June 2004]
  • "Late 20s AE"/Late 1230s BC Kreuha Wolkwos meets Lucy Alston-Kurlelo at Southhaven, Alba.  Lucy is captain of the Grey Lady's Pride for Alston-Kurlelo Shipping and Trading ("Bloodwolf") [estimated date given by Stirling on S.M. Stirling Yahoo group 6 June 2004]
  • 57 AE/1193 BC  David Arnstein publishes An Introductory History of the Republic of Nantucket (ATY).