TIME LINE of the Harry Dresden Universe
(Revision 8 January 2009)
Compiled by I. Marc Carlson

Just to be clear, there are other timelines for Dresden.  This is not based on any of those.

Since all of this information came from other sources, I really don't feel like I can copyright it. Feel free to use it as you wish. If you like the occasional hypothesis herein all I ask is that you remember where you got it.

Note on sources:

The sources used for this were the books and stories by Jim Butcher.  The creative stuff belongs to him.

Spoiler Warning:

There are a LOT of spoilers here.  If you don't like spoilers, don't read this page.

There are a number of internal inconsistencies regarding time, so this is a best guess effort. The dates in [brackets] are estimates.

The Chronology


16th century

200x-"three of four hundred years"

1760s or so

200x - "several hundred years"





Around 1900






???? [*1963]

???? [*1968]

???? [*1969]

???? [*1970]

???? [*1976]

???? [*1980]

200x-19 Years [*1981]


???? [*1985]

???? [*1986]

???? [*1987]

200x-12 Years [*1988]

200x-10 Years [*1990]

200x-5 or 7 Years [*1993-1995]


???? [*1995]


200x-4 years [*1996]

200x-3 Years [*1997]

200x-1 [*1999]


200x [*2000]

200?+1 [*2001]

200?+2 [*2002]

200?+3 [*2003]

200?+4 [*2004]


200?+5 [*2005]








Other notes:

The White Council:


Venatori Umbrorum

Brotherhood of St. Giles

Swords of the Knights of the Cross

Ordo Malleus


The Fallen/The Order of the Blackened Denarius (30 pieces of silver)

  1. Anduriel, Lucifer's captain (Human with freaky shadows, wearing Barabas' noose), Nicodemus ("Death Masks").
  2. Ursiel (Bear w/ 6 legs, ram's horns, and extra pair of eyes glowing orange eyes, over the pair of glowing green eyes, twin rows of slime covered teeth, and green glowing glyphs on forehead), .Rasmussen, killed, and coin in custody ("Death Masks").
  3. ? (Female humanoid. Metallic green scales four fingered hands, 15' long prehensile metal "hair", and extra pair of eyes glowing orange eyes, over the pair of glowing green eyes, and green glowing glyphs on forehead), Dierdre, Nicodemus' daughter ("Death Masks").
  4. Saluriel (Snake head, and snake from waist down, dark gray scales with flecks of rust red, and extra pair of eyes glowing golden serpentine eyes, to either side of a pair of glowing blue-green eyes, and green glowing glyphs on forehead), Quintus Cassius.  Coin surrendered voluntarily, and taken into custody ("Death Masks").
  5. ?  coin accounted for ("Death Masks").
  6. ?  coin accounted for ("Death Masks").
  7. ?  coin accounted for ("Death Masks").
  8. ?  coin accounted for ("Death Masks").
  9. ?  coin accounted for ("Death Masks").
  10. ?  coin accounted for ("Death Masks").
  11. ?  coin accounted for ("Death Masks").
  12. ?  coin accounted for ("Death Masks").
  13. ?  coin accounted for ("Death Masks").
  14. Lasciel the Seducer.  Coin buried in Harry's basement ("Death Masks", "Proven Guilty").

LaChaise clans of Ghouls, work with the Reds ("Summer Knight").

Dumont's Guide to Divinationators ("Death Masks").