Other projects over the years

Project testing the hardness of pit tanned leather (February 2003)

Money bag (1998)
Saddle ends based on 10th Anglo Danish example found at York (1995)
See notes HERE

Several satchels I've made over the years.  The two in front were based on an interpretation of a "pilgrims pouch" design (1995 and 1997), the wallet and leather case are discussed next. 

Leather case, I made this one for carrying leatherworking tools in, and based it on several examples from the Colonial Williamsburg Saddlemakers's shop  (2000)

Linen "wallet" with opening in the center of the bag.  This design can be seen in 14th century drawings, and a version of it was a prop in the original silent movie
Nosferatu.  I made this one to carry my shoemaking tools in. (2002)

The Northkeep Baronial Guard sap, made in 2003.

This shield (front and back) was made for Beorhtlic Fokwineson in 1995.  It's made from oak planking, edged with rawhide, and covered, with 10 oz cowhide.  The rivets are hand made. The staining is the result of a house fire.
Some of the research for this may be seen here

Waxed leather jack, made about 1995.

Waxed leather jack, made about 1995.

An attempt to reproduce the leather Lanthorn shown in Waterer's books.  Too Small.  (1997)

Carved bone belt end.

An attempt to reproduce a counting board seen in photographs.  Too small (1997).

Sand cast pewter version of SCA arms (1998)

Horn cup, prayer beads and small utility knife

15th century design purse, with Tudor style oak leaf tooling (1997)

15th century design purse (1997)
Containers made for the Green Man Tavern (1996). Containers made for the Green Man Tavern (1996).  

This was actually a fun book cover I did back in the early 90s as a cover for a paperback at an SCA event.

This, on the other hand is a book  I bound in the late 90s in a medieval fashion.

This book and case were made for Beorhtlic Fokwineson's Laurelling in 1998.  The book was made by myself and Rhiannon Redwolf using generally accurate medieval materials and techniques. (see also here)

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