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Deeds and Grants - Texas

Note: these are based on transcriptions of materials collected. That means that these are prone to normal human error. If your records differ, or if you have copies of census data that reflect different information, please let me know.

The following notes indicate who transcribed the various materials

[BA] = Betty Arnold
[Gr] = Grady La Grone
[Gr/IMC] = Grady La Grone, then verified by Marc Carlson
[IMC] = Marc Carlson
[CN/WH] = Dr. C. Nichols as related by William Huff
[Vr/HA] = Verna Lagrone, as related by Harry Arnold
[kaswest] = Katherine West
[WDR] = Wayne Robertson

Republic of Texas Land Grants

1840 Citizens of Texas, v.1 Land Grants

Name Arrived
in TX
Cl Acres Cond.
Lagrone, AJ pre-1837 2 640 Harris. 5Dec39 Harris. 5Sep42
Lagrone, E. 1837 2 640 Sabine Apr38 Sabine Nov45
Lagrone, Jacob Jr. 1837 2 640 Sabine 13Sep38 Harris. 1Sep45
Lagrone, Jacob Sr. 1837 2 1280 Sabine 13Sep38 Harris. 1Sep45
Lagrone, Martin 1Jul37 2 640 Sabine 13Jan40 Harris. 1Sep45
Lagrone, Washington --- 3 320 Sabine 12Jan40 Harris. 1Sep45

1840 Citizens of Texas, v.2 Tax Rolls

Addam Lagrone Harrison Co. 1 Poll Grant S2391
Allen Lagrone Harrison Co. 1 Poll Grant S2224
Emanuel LaGrone  Sabine Co. 1 Poll Titled Grant 600 Acres
or 640
2 Slaves
J. Lagrone Harrison Co. 1 Poll 640
Jacob Lagrone Harrison Co. 1 Poll Grant S640 1280

Record of 2d Class Certificates

Located in Certificate # Quantity Land Dist. File No.
Lagrone, A.J. Smith 4 640 Acres Nacodoches 260
Lagrone, Emanuel Camp 59 640 Acres Shelby 8
Lagrone, Jacob Jr. Upshur 57 640 Acres Shelby 3
Lagrone, Jacob Jr. Gregg 58 1113 Acres Shelby 76
Lagrone, Jacob Jr. Harrison 403 167 Acres Harrison 58
Lagrone, Martin Smith 405 165 Acres Nacodoches 486
Lagrone, Martin Smith 378 474 1/2 Acres Nacodoches 116


Grantee: Abst No: Acreage Date: Location:
LAGRONE, EMANUEL 72     Section 56, Camp Co., TX
LAGRONE, MARTIN 564     Section 102. Smith Co., TX
LAGRONE, A.J 571     Section 323. Smith Co., TX
LAGRONE, MARTIN. 572     Section 1079. Smith Co., TX
S. LAGRONE Survey/
E. Applewhite
1686     Section 8, Edwards Co., TX
S. LAGRONE Survey/
C. Blandin
3020     Section 9, Edwards Co., TX
S. LAGRONE Survey/
J. Pettet
3463     Section 9, Edwards Co., TX
LAGRONE, JACOB 124     Gregg Co., TX
LAGRONE, JACOB 402     Section 260, Harrison Co., TX
LAGRONE, JACOB 278     Upshur Co., TX
LAGRONE, JAMES 383     Freestone Co., TX

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