Each of the following people helped in the creation of this collection. This may come as a surprise to some of them, as the items they contributed are not always in the same format or used with the same intent as they originally intended. But that sort of thing is what research's all about. Essentially, I am telling you where I got a particular set of information. Note: these are based on transcriptions of materials collected. That means that these are prone to normal human error. If your records differ, or if you have copies of census data that reflect different information, please let me know.

The following notes indicate who transcribed the various materials

[BA] = Betty Arnold
[Gr] = Grady La Grone
[Gr/IMC] = Grady La Grone, then verified by Marc Carlson
[IMC] = Marc Carlson
[CN/WH] = Dr. C. Nichols as related by William Huff
[Vr/HA] = Verna Lagrone, as related by Harry Arnold
[kaswest] = Katherine West
[WDR] = Wayne Robertson
[LV] = Larry Vaughn
[Beth Burgamy Zakrasek]

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