Harriet and Tobe

by Marc Carlson, based on research by Larry Vaughn.

What we know of Harriet and Tobe is pretty slim at the moment, mostly because of their value and disposition in the will of Adam LaGrone, Jr.  of Deadwood, Panola Co., Texas.

According to the bill of sale for Harriet,  age 24, she was sold to Adam LaGrone by Francis Bounds on May 9, 1848 for $650. The next day Adam transfered to Bounds 640 acres for the sum of $640. [Grady purportedly refers to this in his book, citing  Panola County Deed Book A, page 277, May 10-11, 1848]

In the 1850 Panola County, TX Slave Schedule, Adam LaGrone is listed as owning two slaves, one a 17 (or 27) year old woman, and the other a 2 year old mulatto male.  It is supposed that this is Tobe and that he is the son of Harriet and someone (logically, it is either a Bounds or a LaGrone father).

On 30 Dec 1857, Adam LaGrone died.  Harriet and Tobe were each valued at $650 in Adam's Estate.  William A. LaGrone, the administrator of the estate until the settlement, hired out Tobe to James LaGrone for $4 per month and Harriet to B. Henderson for $9 1/2 per month.  The court eventually ordered that the slaves be sold Tobe on or before 1 May 1861.  It is possible that he was sold to Francis Bounds.  A petition for distribution of the property was filed at the December term of the County Court, 1861.  It was claimed that Harriet, as well as some other propertiesm had yet not been sold. On 2 Feb 1862, "one negro woman of Dark Complexion now about forty five years old named Harriet" was sold to William McDaniel for $350.

Obviously there is a small age discrepency.  If Harriet were 27 in 1850, in 1862 she would only be 39.  On the other hand, James Lagrone is listed as having a 45 year old black female in the 1860 Slave Schedule while WA Lagrone has a 30 year old Black female.
One is obviously wrong.  For no really good reason, I have assumed that the the mistake was with William A and placed Harriet with James.  By the same token, while Francis Bounds is listed as having a 16 year old Mulatto male in 1860, Tobe had not yet been sold.  WA had a 10 year old mulatto male who was missing at the time of the Census.

There is a final, as yet unconfirmed, reference from the Grady La Grone book that Jim Lagrone was killed over a dog fight by Tobe Bounds, although this may be someone else, such as  the son of  Mary Beaird and Paskell Lafayette Bounds (unlikely since these two married about 1855, and Jim Lagrone was killed in 1860).  Exactly who this was has yet to be confirmed.

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