Medieval Leather Dying

Originally compiled by Ron Charlotte (ska Al Thaalibi)

Dying leather was done, but these appear to be limited to green, red, blue, black and brown. During the Middle Ages, as with today, they also seemed to think in terms of dying whole hides and skins, frequently in concert with the tannage or tawing process.

  1. Alexis of Piemount
  2. Gioanventura Rosetti

The Secretes of the Reverende Maister Alexis of Piemount, ANNO 1558

The Plictho of Gioanventura Rosetti

-- This contains a section on leather dying. I would recommmend the 1969 reprint/translation by Edelstein and Borghetti, put out by MIT press (sorry, don't have the ISBN handy). It has a facsimile of the original (1548?) manuscript and translation. Rosetti was a guildmaster of a dyeing guild in Italy.

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