Leather Bibliography (in Progress)

by Kendra of Hollyoak, with some additions by I. Marc Carlson

This bibliography was originally compiled by Sue Hallock (SKA: Kendra of Holly Oak (East Kingdom))(94 Berlin St. Clinton, MA 01510) email:hallock@banyan.com.
It has been edited somewhat by I. Marc Carlson (SKA: Diarmuit Ui Dhuinn (Ansteorra)), and so if there are any errors, they are more likely to be his fault.
If you know of any resources that are not included in this bibliography, please email them to me so that I may continue to improve the bibliography. Thanks!

Leather -- General

Leather -- General Finds From Excavations

(Note: The best sites for finding intact leatherwork are waterlogged or waterfront sites. The site reports for these types of sites usually contain the word "waterfront" or "lowland". Example: "Excavations on the Thames waterfront at Trig Lane, London.")

Leather -- General Leathergoods Manufacture

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Knife Sheaths



(Note: Special thanks to Rick Cavasin (aka Master Balderic of Ealdormere) for many of the references in this section.)

Books, Boxes & Book Boxes

(Note: There are many more books on bookbinding -- when I did this research I was focusing on tooled leather.)


Miscellaneous Leather

Partial or Incomplete References

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