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Plough, fence, and store aught else before;
Trench hedge and furrow that water may through.
Mix rye aright with wheat that is white;
See corn sown in, too thick nor too thin;
Green rye have some, ere Michaelmas come.
Geld bulls and rams, sew ponds, amend dams;
Put boar in stye till Hallontide nigh;
Go gather up mast ere time be past; mast fats up swine.
Fruit gather, grapes pull, for fear of drabs go gather thy crabs;
Pluck fruit to last when Michael is past;
Forget it not, fruit bruised will rot,
Light ladder and long, doth trees least wrong,
Go gather will skill, and gather that will.
Set strawberries, wife, I love them for life.
Good dwelling give bee or else goes she,
Drive hive, good Coney, for wax and for honey.
At Michaelmas safely, go stye up the boar,
Lest straying abroad, ye do see him no more:
The sooner, the better for Hallontide nigh,
And better be brawneth, if hard he do lie.(1)

Farmers finished the grain harvest, and began the process of threshing the grain, and winnowing the chaff. August and September were often bad months for plague transmission.
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[Festival of the Deermen]
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[Autumnal Equinox - Modern]
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[Autumnal Equinox, the Celebration of the Autumnal Equinox; Mabon; Mean Foghamhar; Harvest Home; Feast of St. Matthew the Apostle]
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After Michaelmas, fruit-gathering begins
1st Monday after the 1st Sunday after 4 September (Wakes Monday/Horn Dance (Abbots Bromely, Staffordshire))
End of Harvest-time (Harvest Home; Harvest Thanksgiving; Kirn; Harvest Festival; Thanksgiving)


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