(aka All Hallows Eve; Hallowmass Eve; Halloween; Hallowstide; Hollantide; All Hallows; All Holys; All Saints; Laa Houney (Hollantide Day); November Eve; Oidhche na h-aimloise (Night of mischief); Fleadh nan; Mairbh (Feast of the Dead); La Toussaint; El Dia de los Muertos)); Shamna; Second night of Shamna; All Soul's; Feast of Mongfind; Summer's End; Feast of the Dead; Wiccan New Year; A celebration of the Gods and Goddesses of the Otherworld; Oidhche Shamhna; La Samhna Nos Galen-gaeof (Night of the Winter Calends); Sauin; Souney; "the Day Between Years"; The evening of the 31st, the day of the 1st)