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Now plough up thy headland, or delve it with spade;
If garden require it now trench it ye may.
Green peason or Hastings at Hallontide sow;
Grey peason or runcivals at Candlemas
Set garlike and beans at St. Edmond the King.
At Hallontine, slaughter-time entereth in;
And then doth the husbandman's feasting begin.
From thence unto Shrovetide kill now and then some;
Their offal for household the better will come.
The fewer thou keepest, keep better ye may;
For Easter at Martilmas hang up a beef.
Foul privies are now to be cleansed and fy'd
Let night be appointed, such baggage to hide;
Which buried in garden, in trenches a-low,
Shall make very many things better to grow.
Let hogs, once fat, lose nothing of that,
When mast is gone, hog falleth anon.
Now pork and souse bears tack in house.
Some corneth, some brineth, some will not be taught.
Where meat is attainted, their cooking is naught. (1)

Planting of the winter's wheat and rye should be done by now. Martinmas marks the beginning of the slaughter of the surplus meat, and preserving it, before winter. The remaining livestock are moved to their winter housing.
1Celebratio Omnium Sanctorum(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(10) (All Saints; Hallowmas; All-Hallomas; Hallowstide; Hallontide; Hollantide; All Hallows; All Hallows' Day; All Holys; Laa Houney; Hollantide Day; All Soul's Eve); Benignus; Cadfan; Dinegad; Gwythian; Vigor, Cesari(4)
[Do not confuse with the Third night of Shamna]
2Celebratio Omnium Animum/Commemoracio Animarum(2)(10) (All Souls; All Souls in Purgatory); Sanctio Eustachii(5)(7) cum soctis; Justi(7); Aerchi(7); v embolismus(4)(7) [Dia de los Muertos (Mexico); Dia dos Finados (Portugal); Il Giorno dei Morti (Italy)]
3Sancti Germani episcopi(3)(4)(5); Sancte Eadgythe virginis; Clydog; Malachy; Pirmin; Martin de Porres; Sancti Rumwaldi(4)(5) (Rumwold); Winefride; Wulgan
4Sancte Perpetue virginis(3)(4)(5)(7); Birsten; Clether
5Sanctorum Felicis(4)(5)(7); Eusebii(4)(5); Caesarii(7); Vitalis(7); Kea
6Sancti Uuinnoci(3)(4)(5) confessoris (Winnoc); Sancti Leonardi abbatis(10) (Leonard (c550)); Donati(7); Adriani(7); Melanii(7)/Melaine; Illtud; Mennas
7Willibrord, Archbishop of Utrecht, Missionary to Frisia (739); Congar; Hiems habet dies inicium xci(3)/hiems initum habet dies xcii(4)(7)/hiems oritur habet dies icii(5) (Winter begins)
8Sanctorum quatour coronatorum(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) (Four crowned martyrs); Cybi; Gerardin; Tysilio; Willehad.
9Sancti Theodori martiris(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(10) (Theodore)
10Sancti Martini pape(2) (Martin); Depositio domini Iustini archiepiscopi(4); Iusti episcopi(5); Demetrii(7); Leo the Great (461); Aed; Justus
11Martinmas. Sancti Martini episcopi et confessoris(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(10) (Martin, Bishop of Tours (397)); Sancti Menne martyris(4)(5)(7); Hiemis initium(32) (Winter begins)
12Cadwaladr; Josaphat; Lebuin; Liuine(10); Machar
13Sancti Bricii episcopi et confessoris(2)(3)(5) (Brice); Sancti Britti episcopi et cofessoris(4)(7); Abbo
14E/Clemetimi(10); Theodocii(7); Dyfrig; Modan
15Sanctorum Donati(4) at Machuti(4)(5); Secundi(7); Apathuti(10); Albertus Magnus (Albert the Great (1280)); Finatn of Rheinau; Malo
16Sancti Augustini episcopi(3)(7) (Austin/Augustine); Sancti Edmundi archiepiscopi(2) (Edmund of Abington); Margaret, Queen of Scotland (1093); Gertrude
17Sancte Tecle virginis(3)(4)(7); Sancti Aniani(5) episcopi; Sancti Hugonis episcopi et confessoris(2) (Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln (1200)); Hilda, Abbess of Whitby (680)
18Romani(5)(7) et Barali(5) pueri martirum (Child Martyrs); Isici(7); Mabyn; Mawes; Odo
19Sancte Maximi(4); Elizabeth(10); Ermenburga; Ronan;
20Clemetis pape(10); Sancti Eadmundi, Regis et Martyris (Edmund); Colman of Dromore; Sancte Agape virginis(4)
21Sancte Felicitatus martiris(4);Columbani(5); Gelasii pape(7); Katherine virginis(10); Condedus
22Sancte Cecilie virginis(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) (Cecily/Cecilia, (c5th C)); Celsi(4); Longini qui latus domini aperuit(7); Philemon and Apphia
23Sancti Clementis pape(2)(3)(4)(5)(7) (Clement (c100)); Felicitatus; Columbanus; Hiemps Oritur(7)
24Sancti Crissogoni(3)(4)(7)/Grisogoni/Grisogori(5) martiris(2) (Chrysogonus); Eleutherii(7); Colman of Cloyne; Enfleda; Minver; dies egyptiacus(4)
25Sancte Katerine virginis (Catherine of Alexander/Katherine the Virgin); Sancti Petri episcopi; Hiems oritur(3)(4)
26Ciriaci(4) et Marcellini(4); Sancti Line pape et martyris(2)(5); Saturnini(7); Petri(7); Amatoris(7)
27Congar, Fergus; Virgil; Primus adventus domini(5); iiii Aegyptius mensis choeas(7)
28Eusebii(7); Juthwara
29Sancti Saturnini martiris(2)(3)(4)(5)(7); Crisanti(7); Dariae(7); Vigilia(3)(4)(5)(7)(10); Brendan of Birr
30Passio Sancti Andree Apostoli(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(10) (Andrew the Apostle); Ambrosii episcopi(7)

Advent Sunday - the fourth Sunday before Christmas.  Begins the Advent season of fasting.

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