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To March and April from morning to night;
In sowing and setting, good huswives delight;
To have in a garden or other like plot;
To trim up their house, and to furnish their plot.
Spare meadow at Gregory, marshes at Pasque;
Then hedge them ad ditch them, bestow theron fence;
Sow barley in March, in April, and May.
March day or wet, Hop-ground go set;
Now leeks are in season, for pottage full good.
Geld lambs now all straight as they fall.
Wish doves good luck, rear goose and duck.(1)

Continuing to plant the spring crops (to be finished by either the Annunciation or Easter). Warfare might begin if weather permitted it.
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18Passio Sancti Eadwardi regis et martyris(2)(4)(5)(11) (Edward the King); Sancti Pancrati, episcopi (Pancras)(3); Sancti Timothei(4); Cyril, Bishop of Jerusalem (386); Christian; Finan of Aberdeen; Primus dies Seculi(7)
["Sheelah's Day"]
19Joseph; Alcemund; Sancti Edwardi regis et martyris; Theodoli, episcopi(5)
20Sancti Cuthbaerhti confessoris(3)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) (Cuthbert, Bishop of Lindesfarne (687)); Herbert of Derwentwater; Wulfram
21Sancti Benedicti abbatis(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(8)(11)(12)(13) (Benedict); Enda
[Vernal Equinox; Ostara/Eostre; Ostarun; Mean Earrach; Lady Day]
[Vernal Equinox - Modern]
22Sedis epactarum(3); Prima pasca Sedes epactarum(4); Sedes Aepactarum(7)
23Adam creatus est(3)(4); Sancti Albini(3)(4); Gregory the Illuminator, Bishop and Missionary of Armenia, (c.332); Gwinear; Turibius; Ethilwald/Oidilwald of Farne(6)
24Dunchad; Hildelith; Macartan; Locus concurrencium(4) equincium(3); Concurrentium Locus(7)
25Annunciatio Sancte Marie(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) (The Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; The Annunciation of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Blessed Virgin Mary; The Feast of Our Lady in Lent; "Lady Day"); Alfwold; Crucifixio(4); Equinoctium (Equinox)(4)(7); Aequinoctium vernum(32) (Vernal Equinox)
[Beginning of the New Year in England.]
26Luidger; William of Norwich; Eulalie, virginis(5)
27Resurectio Domini(3)(4)(7)
29Ordinacio beati Gregorii pape(3)(4); Natali Sancti Columbani (Nativity of Columani); Gwynllyw and Gwladys
30Ordinatio sancti Gregorii papae(7); Eulalie virginis(3); Osburga; John Climacus; Domni(4) et Palatini(4); Translatio Sancti Eadmundi (Translation of Edmund)
31Sancti Felicis(4); Sancti Domini(7); Hic Translatus est Sanctus Rex Eadmundus Ab (Translation of King Edmund)

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