(aka Ad vincula Sancti Petri apostoli (The Chains of Peter the Apostle); the Feast of Saints Ethelwold, the Seven Brothers, Alphonsus and Kyned; The Birth and/or the Passion of the Maccabees; Loafday; Loafmass; Hla-mas; Bron Trogain; Thanksgiving; Harvest Home. See also Lughnasadh/Lughnsad/Lughsnaad and other spellings. The 1st)

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Lammas is Anglo-Saxon/English for "Loaf-Mass" or "Hlaf-mass", and is pronounced "LAH-mus."

The first day of the harvest season, the first time that you recognize a change in the length of day.  The ripening grain heralds the coming of Autumn.  It is a festival of plenty and prosperity.