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Trench meadow and redge, dyke, quickset, and hedge.
Land-meadow that yearly is spared for hay.
Now fence it and spare it and dung it ye may.
Sow lentils ye may and peason grey;
Sow mustard seed and help to kill weed;
But Sow not the white, till St. Gregory's day.
Now every day set hope ye may;
Now set for thy pot best herbs to be got;
For flowers go set all sorts ye can set;
The vines and the osiers cut and go set;
If grape be unpleasant a better one get.
At Shrovetide go shroving, go threshe the fat hen,
If blindfold can kill her, then give it thie men.(1)

The ground is soft enough to start plowing for the spring (or Lenten) crop of oats, barley, peas and beans. Cattle must be moved from the fallow fields and the fields for hay growing in order to be harvested by St. John's Day.
1Sancte Brigide(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(11)(12)(13) virginis non martyris (Bride/Bridget; Feast of St. Bride (Brigit) the Virgin; Candlemas eve); Sancti Policarpe(3)(4); Sancti Ignacii episcopi(2)(6)(13) (Ignace the Bishop and martyr); Seriol(6)[Imbolc/Oimelc; Imbolg; Olmeag; Ewomeoluc; Feast of Pan; Feast of Torches; Feast of Waxing Lights; Brigid's Feast; Brighid; Groundhog's Day]
2Ypopanti domini(3)(4)/Purificato Beate Marie(2)(5)(6)(7)(11)(12)(13) (Hypapante, Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary; The Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple ; Candlemas); dies mala(3)
3Anskar(6) (Archbishop of Hamburg and Bremen,Missionary to Denmark and Sweden (865)); Sancti Blasii episcopii et martyris(2)(6)(11)(12)(13) (Blaise/Blase, Bishop and Martyr); Ia/Hya/Ive(6); Laurence of Canterbury(6) (619), Margaret of England(6) (1192), Waerburge virginis(5) (Wereburga); Sancti Yppoliti martiris(4)
4Gilberti(6)(12) (Gilbert of Sepringham) (1189)
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6Sancti Amandi(3)(4)(6)(7)(11)(12)(13) et Vedaste(2)(3)(4)(6)(11)(12)(13) (Amand and Vedasti/Vedast); Dorothy(6) (313); Mel(6) (488); dies egyptiacus(4); .i.incensio lunae initii(5)
7Richard(6) ("King of the Britains"(720)); Translation of Romuald of Ravenna(6) (1027); Ronan(6); Verus inicium habet dies(3); Vernus Intract dies xci(4); Verus oritur habet xcii(5); Verni Initium Habet dies xci(7); Verus initium(T) (Spring begins)
8Sancte Dionisi confessoris(3)(4); Cuthmanni confessoris(5)(6) (Cuthman); Elfleda; Kew; Primus dies initii(5); Ante istum locum non potest esse xl(7)
9Sancte Alexandri(3)/Alaxandri(5) Ammonis(3) et Aliorum(3); Sancte Appolonie virginis(6) (Appolonia); Teilo; Sanctae Austraberte virginis(4) et Germani(4)
10Sancte Sotheris virginis(3)(4); Sancte Scolastica virginis(2)(4)(5)(6)(7)(11)(12)(13) (Scholastica/Scholaste the Virgin (543)); Trumwin(6) (704)
11Sancti Desiderii(4); Eulalie virginis(5); Pictauis sanctae Radegundis virginis(7); Caedmon(6); Gobnet(6); Gregory II(6); Translatio Sancti Frideswidae(11)
12Sancti Damiani(4); Castrenensis martiris(5); Eulalie(7); Sancte Frisiwide virginis(6)
13Sancte Eormenhilde(6)(7) virginis (Ermingild); Juliani martiris(5); Huna(6); Modomnoc(6); Sancti Stephani episcopi(4); Gregory II(6)
[Blessing of the Nets (Tweed)]
14Sancti Valentini martyris(2)(3)(5)(6)(7)(11)(12)(13) (Valentine); Vitalis(7); Cyril(6) and Methodius(6), Missionaries to the Slavs (869, 885); Conran(6); Zeno of Rome(6)
15Natale Sancte Juliane virginis(3); Entalium Anglorum Antisti; Sigfrid; Iouite virginis(5); Diabolus recessit a domino(7); Translatio Sancti Botolphi (Translation of Botolph); Sancti Blasii episcopi et martyris
16Natale Sancte Ivliane/Juliane virginis et martyris(2)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) (Nativity of Julian/Juliana); Vitalis martiris(5)
17Finan of Lindefarne; Fintan of Clonenach; Loman; Seven Servite Founders; Sancti Donati(4)(5); Siluani(4)
18Colman of Lindisfarne; Sancti Simeonis episcopi et martyris; Marialis(5); Sanct(orum?) Rutuli(4)
19Sanctorum Publii(4); Juliani Macelli(4); Pollicarpi episcopi et martiris(5); Policroni episcopi et martiris(7)
20Wulfric; Depossitio Gai episcopi(4); Calesti(5) pape et Gagii(5) episcopi
21Peter Damian; Victoris martiris(5)
22Cathedra Sancti Petri(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) (The Cathedration of Peter; Chair of St. Peter (in Antioch)); Margaret of Cortona; Ver oritur(3)/Vernus Oritur(4)
23Jurmin; Mildburga/Milburge(5)(13) virginis; Sancti Policarpi epicopi(4)(7)
24Sancti Mathiani apostoli(2)(3)(4)(5)(7)(11)(12)(13) (Matthias the Apostle), locus bissexti(3)/Bisextilis Locus(4)(7)/Locus bisextus(5) ("6  days before the Kalends of March".  If a leap day is needed, it is added here, doubling the 24th.)
25Ethelburt of Kent; Walburga; Sanctorum Donati(4)(7) et Iusti(4); Inventio capitis Pauli(5)
26Sancti Nestoris(3); Sancti Vitalis martyris; Felicis(4); Nitoris(4); Cipriani(5); Alaxandri(5); Alnoth; Leander; Ante ultimos quinque dies Februarii(7)
27Sanctorum Dionisi(4) et Aliorum xxiiii(4); Inventio caput Iohannis baptiste(5); Mensis celebrandus est semper bissextus(7)
28Sancti Herefridi episcopi (Herefrith); Sancti Osuualdi archipresulis(11)(12)(13) (Oswald of Worcester, Bishop and Martyr)

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