Brigit's Feast

(aka the Feast of St. Bride/Brigit Virgin and Martyr, and Saints Polycarpe, Ignace bishop and martyr, and Seriol; Candlemas eve Imbolc/Oimelc; Imbolg; Olmeag; Ewomeoluc; Feast of Pan; Feast of Torches; Feast of Waxing Lights; Groundhog's Day, The evening of the 31st, the day of the 1st)

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This is the begining of Earrach, or the 2nd quarter of the year.

Imbolc is from purportedly Old Irish, and may mean; "in the belly"; while Oimelc may be Scot's Gaelic for; "ewe's milk", indicating the beginning of lambing season. Ewomeoluc is purportedly Old English for "ewe's milk". Imbolc is pronounced "IM-bullug" or "IM-bulk" with a guttural "k" on the end. The holiday name Brighid is pronounced "bre'ed", and Oimelc is "EE-mulk".