(aka Epifania domini nostri Ihesu Christi; The Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ; Twelfthday))


"Twelfthday" is the twelfth day of Christmas, the Recognition of Jesus by the Three Kings. In the Middle Ages it was celebrated by a major religious service sometimes marked by suspending a large "Star of Bethlehem" from the Rood Loft or "in the Body of the Church". This service was followed by much celebration, masques, revelry and gift giving. It was the last of the merry-making before the beginning of the preparation for the plowing. Some of the revelry included a "Bean King", "Christmas King" or "Lord of Misrule", determined by a bean or coin in a cake. There is some thought that this all was a holdover from the ancient Roman celebration of "Saturnalia", but that's somewhat debatable. Twelfthnight.