MANY relics connected with the White King are to be found in private collections, and probably the most interesting of such relics are those used by His Majesty on the day of the execution. The glove here illustrated, by a drawing by the Author, is said to have been given to an attendant on the scaffold, by the King. It is of white leather, the seams of the fingers are stitched with silver thread, and tiny silver spangles are grouped on the knuckles; the embroidery on the gauntlet and the lace on the bottom edge are also of silver. The total length from the tip of the middle finger to the point of the lace is 13 inches.

This glove was exhibited (No. 374 in the Catalogue) at the Exhibition of Stuart Relics at the New Gallery, London, in 1889, by its owner, V. F. Bennett Stanford, Esqr.