THIS plate gives the second pair of gloves left by Charles I. at Eton Dovedale, which have also been till lately preserved by the descendants of Sir Thomas Milward. This pair of gloves are of buff leather, rather more elaborately embroidered with gold and silver braid on the gauntlet, back and front, while the lingers are plainly stitched. The confining loops at the side are wide and of light orange-crimson ribbed silk, with a small edging of gold lace, and there is spangled lace at the bottom of the gauntlets. The length of the glove is 12 inches. In the middle of the palm of the left hand a patch of thin leather has been neatly inserted (evidently contemporaneous with the date of the glove) to repair a hole which may probably have been caused by the wearer constantly resting the hand on the pommel of the sword. These gloves, together with those on the preceding plate, came direct from the Milward representatives into the possession of their present owner,

A. Clark-Kennedy, Esqr.