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ONE of the most beautiful pair of gloves probably in existence, and fortunately in a fine state of preservation. They are made of thin buff leather, light in colour, and measure 12 inches in length.

The gauntlets are divided into eight panels, four in front and four at back, the material being white satin embroidered with flowers and foliage in esthetic-coloured silk, the stems of which are of gold thread. Each panel is edged with spangled gold lace and lined with rose-coloured silk; a gusset is inserted between each panel to give strength to the upper part; a ruching of rose-coloured silk, edged with gold lace, divides the glove from the gauntlet at the wrist.

The gloves are reputed to have belonged to Henry VIII., and are of so rich a character as to justify the statement.

They are the property of Alfred de la Fontaine, Esqr.