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8 Child's shoe; the heel is of open-work, terminating in loops to fasten over the instep; 6 in. l. Pl. C, 15. London Wall.
31 Child's sandal; the heel is pierced with small squares, the front is pierced with large loops; 5 in. l. Pl. C, 14. London.



9 Clog front, in elaborately pierced leather, the toe cut away to allow the point of the shoe to project through it; the sole was of wood, now missing, the long nails which fastened the leather to time sole being still in position ; temp. Edward III ; 4¾ x 4 in. Pt. LXXV, 8. Mansion House.
10 Clog, leather, imperfect XIII- XIV Cent.  
11 Clog, leather, with toe and heel straps; XIV-XV Cent. ; 12½ in. l. Pl. LXXVI, 7.
12 Clog, leather, for a pointed shoe, portion only; XIV-XV Cent.; 9 1/8 in. l.  
13 Clog, wooden, the leather latchets decorated with stamped designs XIV-XV Cent.; 10¼ in. 1. Pl. LXXVI, 9. Temple Gardens, 1868 ?
14-16 Clogs, wooden (three), XIV-XV Cent. ; 9 and 9¼ in. l.; Temple Gardens.  
17-18 Clogs (two), soles only, one with toe strap; XIV-XV Cent. ; 10 1/8 and 11 in. l. Monkwell Street.  
19 Clog, leather, with nailed heel and heel straps ; XV Cent. ; 9¼ in. l.  
20-21 Clogs, leather, two, portions only ; XV Cent. ; 8¾ in. l.  
22 Clog, wooden, made in two overlapping pieces, with leather hinge; leather heel and toe fittings; XV Cent. ; 10½ in. l. Pl. LXXVI, 5. Monkwell Street.
23 Clog, wooden, made in two pieces, with leather hinge and heel; XV Cent.; 9½ in, l.  
24 Clog, wooden, with large leather loop for toe, and leather latchet on one side; XVI Cent.; 8 in. l.  
25-26 Clogs, leather (a pair), the sides and latchets being covered with olive-green silk, edged with fringe, through which runs a thin metal band ; XVII Cent. ; 7¾ in. l.  
27 Clog, wooden, with circular hollow for heel and raised instep XVII Cent. ; 10 in. l. Site of New Law Courts.  
28 Clog, leather, the high portion within the instep being formed by a cork pad; XVII-XVIII Cent. ; 7½ in. l. Thames Street.  
29 Clog, wooden, formed of one piece of wood, the support to fit the shoe beneath the raised part of the instep is 2 in. h., the cavity for the heel being 1¾ in. ; it has leather latchets; 7½ in. l. ; XVII- XVIII Cent. Saint Pauls Churchyard.  
30 Clog, wooden, somewhat similar; XVII-XVIII Cent.; 8 in. l. Old Swan Lane.  
31 Clog, wooden, the toe and heel raised up with iron studs: the leather tag is perforated with nine holes, and is stamped with small floral devices, and the letters F. G. and other letters, now indistinct; XVII-XVIII Cent. 7 in. l. Moorfields.  
32 Clog, wooden, with heel sockets and stamped leather latchets, with silk ribbon tie; XVII-XVIII Cent, ; 8 in. l.  
33 Clog, wooden, with leather latchets, and oval iron supports; XVIII-XIX Cent. ; 9½ in. l.  
34 Clog, wooden, similar, with portion of iron beneath heel; XVIII Cent. ; 9 in. l.  
35 Clog, or patten, iron base, consisting of a large loop, with flat plates for rivets at either end ; XVI Cent. ; 9 in. l., 34 in. w. London.  
36 Clogmakers sign (?), wooden object, shaped like the sole of a shoe, with an iron staple at toe end; 15 in. l. Ludgate Hill  
37 Collar of SS, fragment, with small brass letters attached ; 2 in. l. Pl. LXXIV, 8. Thames, Brooks’ Wharf, 1868.
J.B.A.A., xxiii, p. 282.
p.144 HARNESS  
46 Harness, portion, with diamond-shaped perforations; XV Cent. Pl. LXXV. 5.
47 Harness, breast-plate, in pierced leather, with metal mounts; XVI Cent. ; 26 x 2½ in. Pl. LXXV, 7.
48 Harness strap, with circular brass mounts alternating in design 9½ and 1½ in. l. ; two portions only. Pl. LXXIV, 2,11.
49 Harness strap, elaborately decorated with brass mounts of alternating design ; 1 in. w., 1½ in. l. ; portion only. Pl. LXXIV, 1.
50 Harness strap, ornamented with brass studs, beaded at the edge with copper centres ; 4 in. 1. ; portion only. Pl. LXXIV, 7.
51 Harness strap, with incised decoration, consisting of the figure of a boar and a mutilated inscription in Gothic characters "[mis]erere ...d”; 2½ in. l.; portion only. Pl. LXXIV, 9.
52 Harness strap, ornamented with large brass bosses of oblong form closely placed together; the bosses have a lozenge in the centre, with hollowed circles at the angles; portion only. Pl. LXXIV, 3.
53 Harness strap, portion, with brass mounts; 7½ in. l., ¼ in. w. Pl. LXXIV, 5. Thames, Brooks’ Wharf, 1868.
54 Harness strap, portion, narrow, with iron buckle; XVI Cent.; 11 in. l. London Wall.  
55 Harness, portion, leather; strap, with ring at one end, to which is attached a lozenge-shaped piece of leather; XVI Cent. ; 20 in. l. Tabernacle Street, 1902.  
56 Strap, leather, with iron buckle at one end; Tudor; 12½ in. l. Tabernacle Street, 1902.  
p.145 JERKINS  
57 Jerkin, portion, 9½ x 4 in. ; Tudor  
58 Jerkin, portion, slashed ; 7 x 3½ in. Tabernacle Street.  
59 Jerkin, portion, plain ; 10¼ x 7 3/8 in.  
60 Jerkin, fragment, with pierced scroll work ; XV Cent. ; 21 in. l. Pl. LXXV, 2.
61 Jerkin, back piece, decorated with slashed lines ; XV-XVI Cent.; 12 x 15 in. Pl. LXXV, 3.
62 Jerkin, side piece, with five bands of a perforated stellar design; XVI Cent. 23½ x 8 in.  
63 Jerkin, side piece, decorated with long and short slashed lines ; XVI-XVII Cent.; 16 x 12 in. Pl. LXXV, 12.
64 Jerkin, front and sides, decorated with short slashed lines ; XVI-XVII Cent., front 16½ in sq., sides 15½ x 10¾ in. Pl. LXXV, 9-11.
65 Jerkin, collar; XVI-XVII Cent. 16 in. l. Pl. LXXV, 1.
66 Jerkin, portion, with stamped device of a six-pointed star within a circle. London Wall.  



108 Shoe, portion. stamped and embossed design, a head on a bar within a circle or garter, with the motto, “Tout .... pou .... tout . “; all within a triangle, which also bears an inscription; temp. Edward III. Pl. LXXIV, 10.
107 Shoe, of pierced work, portion only; XIII-XIV Cent. Pl. LXXV, 6.
108 Shoe, pointed, with portion of lace; XIV Cent. ; 8 1/8 in. l. Fish Street Hill.  
109 Shoe, pointed, toe-piece, with stamped open-work design; XIV Cent.; 6¼ in. l. Pl. LXXV, 4.
110 Shoe, pointed, sole only; XIV Cent. ; 9½ in. l.  
111 Shoe, pointed, with ring for fastening; XIV-XV Cent. ; 10¾ in l. Sermon Lane, 1869.  
112 Shoe, pointed, scored down front, with portion of lace ; XIV-XV Cent. ; 10¼ in. l.  
113 Shoe, pointed XIV-XV Cent. ; 9½ in. l. Sermon Lane.  
114 Shoe, long-toed, of curved form ; XIV-XV Cent. ; 9¼ in. l. Pl. LXXVI, 6 .Moorfields.
115 Shoe, pointed, with stamped design; XIV-XV Cent. ; 11 in. l.  
116 Shoe, long-toed, upper portion XIV-XV Cent.  
117 Shoe, pointed, imperfect XIV-XV Cent.  
118 Shoe, long-toed, imperfect ; XIV-XV Cent. ; 9 in. l. Sermon Lane.  
119 Shoe, long-toed or poulamé. upper portion ; XIV-XV Cent.; 12¾ in. l. Pl. LXXVI, 4. Trinity Court.
120 Shoe, child’s, portion, with tag for fastening; XIV-XV Cent. 5½ in. l.  
121-125 Shoes, pointed (five), soles only; XIV-XV Cent.; 9¼ in. to 11¼ in. l.  
126 Shoe, pointed, with lace; XV Cent. ; 11¼ in. l. Pl. LXXVI. 10.
127 Shoe, portion, nearly the whole surface perforated with small lozenge-shaped openings, giving the design the appearance of network; XV Cent. (?); 6½ in. l.  
128 Shoe or clog, double sole only: XV Cent. 8¾ in. l.  
129 Shoe, pointed-toed; XV-XVI Cent. ; 7 in. l.  
130 Shoe, lacing up at side, with lace; XV-XVI Cent. ; 9 in. l.  
131 Shoe, wide-toed, the toe piece slashed down the centre: XV-XVI Cent. ; 8¾ in. l.  
132 Shoe, wide-toed, slashed across toe, with fastening strap attached in position; XV-XVI Cent. ; 9 in. l. Windmill Street.  
133-134 Shoes (two), wide-toed : with slashed toe, and strap and buckle 5¾ in. and 8½ in. l. Windmill Street.  
135 Shoe, wide-toed, with strap: XV-XVI Cent.: 7¼ in. l. Windmill Street.  
136 Shoe, wide-toed (child’s) ; XV-XVI Cent.; 6½ in. 1. Windmill Street.  
137 Shoe, wide-toed, portion; with slashed stellar design; XV-XVI Cent. Windmill Street.  
138-139 Shoes. child’s (two), wide-toed; with slashed and perforated toe; imperfect; XV-XVI Cent. ; 5¾ in. I. Windmill Street.  
140 Shoe, round-toed, upper portion, slashed for lace round ankle 5¼ in. l. Pl. LXXVI. 15. Sermon Lane, 1869.
141 Shoe. wide-toed, slashed toe-[p]iece; XV-XVI Cent.; 5½ x 2¾ in. Pl. LXXVI, 1.
142 Shoe, wide-toed, toe-piece only, composed of several layers of leather. the upper one slashed ; XV-XVI Cent. ; 5 in. w. Pl. LXXVI. 3.
143 Shoe, another toe-piece, similar ; XV-XVI Cent. ; 4 in. w. Pl. LXXVI, 8.
144 Shoe, child’s; XV-XVI Cent.; 4 5/8- in. l.  
145-146 Shoes (two), sole only ; one clumped with additional sole and heel pieces, with large square-headed nails; XV-XVI Cent. ; 9 in. and 11½ in. l.  
147-185 Shoes, round-toed, upper portions, with slashed, scored, and stamped designs : thirty-nine examples XVI Cent.; 5 1/8 in. to 10½ in. l. Pl. LXXVI, 5,16. London Wall; Smithfield; Clerkenwell; Gracechurch Strict; Windmill Street; and other localities.
186 Shoe, child’s, upper portion, pierced with circular holes at the toes; two specimens ; XVI Cent.; 3¾ in. l. and 5¼ in. w. Windmill Street.  
187 Shoe, broad-toed; XVI Cent. ; 9 7/8 in. l. Fish Street Hill.  
188 Shoe, slashed, with woollen lining; XVI Cent. ; 9 in. l., 4 in. w. Fish Street Hill.  
189 Shoe, front slashed with vertical, horizontal, and diagonal openings; 9 in. l., 4½ in. w. Pl. LXXVI, 2. London Wall.
190 Shoe, broad-toed, with frilled edge. imperfect; XVI Cent. Fish Street Hill.  
191 Shoe, child’s, of similar type, with cork inner-sole, the heel has been worn down and repaired; XVI Cent. ; 5 3/8 in. l. Pl. LXXVI. 11. Fish Street Hill.
192 Shoe, child’s, similar to the above, with a fillet across the toe-piece; 5 5/8 in. l. Pl. LXXVI, 12. Fish Street Hill.
193-200 Shoes, broad-toed, imperfect (eight specimens) : some with elaborate pierced decoration ; XVI Cent. Fish Street Hill; Mansion House; and other localities.  
201 Shoe, heel piece, ornamentally embossed and scalloped along edge; XVI-XVII Cent.  
202 Shoe, child’s, with latchets ; XVI-XVII Cent. ; 4¼ in. l.  
203 Shoe, square-toed, imperfect; XVII Cent. ; 6½ in. l.  
204 Shoe, similar to above, imperfect; XVI-XVII Cent.; 5½ in. l.  
205 Shoe, of pink figured silk, with embossed leather design down toe and high heel ; XVII Cent. ; 6 7/8 in. l.  
206 Shoe, with high leather heel ; XVII Cent.; 7¼ in. l.  
207 Shoe, with cork pad between welt and sole ; XVII Cent.; 8 7/8 in. l.  
208 Shoe heel, formed of nine layers of leather, with eleven perforations for wooden pegs, four of which still remain; XVII-
XVIII Cent. ; 1¼ in. h.
209 Shoe, of green cloth, with pointed turned-up toe, and high heel: XVIII Cent. ; 9 in. l  
210-211 Shoes, satin (a pair) with buckles and high wooden heels; XVIII Cent.; 8¼ in. l.  

Boots; pair of jack boots, leather, with square toes; XVIII Cent. ; l. of sole and heel, 11½ in.; total height. 22 in.
Worn by Coles Child, a colonel of one of the regiments of the Trained Bands.

217 Sword sheath (?), portion, ornamented with punctured volute pattern ; XV Cent.; 11 in l. ; Pl. LXXIV, 4, Royal Exchange.
218 Sword sheath (?), another strip of leather, similarly ornamented; XV Cent., 10 in. l. Pl. LXXIV, 6, Royal Exchange, 1841.
219 Sword sheath, portion, plain type; Tudor; 28 in. l. Tabernacle Street, 1903.  
220 Sword sheath, portion, decorated with a shield, charged with chevrons, lozenges and stars ; XV Cent. ; 6 1/8 x 3 in.  


35 Flat cap, wool, with wide fall-down rim at back; XV Cent. 11½ in. diam. Pl. LXXVI, 13. Worship Street.
48 Cap, wool, close-fitting hood form, with fall-down back; XVI Cent. ; 10 in. diam. Pl. LXXVI, 14. Worship Street.

This specimen probably had a flat rim, now missing.



308 Currier’s knife, similar [with iron blade?], maker’s mark, R; 5¼ in. 1. London Wall.  
309 Currier’s knife, concave edge; maker’s mark, a crown; Tudor; 6 in. 1. Providence Row, 1870.  
310 Currier’s knife, iron, with slender tang for handle and brass ferrule; maker’s mark, a cross (?); XVI Cent. ; 7½ in. 1. London Wall.  
311 Currier’s knife, concave edge; maker’s mark, a flower; Tudor; 7 in. 1. London Wall.  
312 Currier’s knife, concave edge; with maker’s mark, an open hand; Tudor; 4¾ in. 1. Finsbury, 1870.  
313 Currier’s knife, similar, wooden handle; maker’s mark; 5¼ in. 1. Pl. LXXXIV, 4. Finsbury.
314 Currier’s knife, concave edge, wooden handle; maker’s mark; Tudor; 4¾ in. l. Finsbury.  
315 Currier’s knife, concave edge, wooden handle; maker’s mark, two symbols; Tudor; 4 ¼ in. l. London Wall.  
316 Knife, with slender tapering blade, wooden handle and brass butt; XVI Cent. London.  
317 Currier’s knife, iron, with maker’s mark; Tudor; 4 7/8 in. l. London Wall.  
318 Currier’s knife, deeply incurved edge; Tudor; 5½ in. 1. Finsbury  
319 Currier’s knife, iron, with broad triangular blade, and pointed projection at base for the hand; Tudor; 6¾ in. l., 3½ in. w. London Wall.  
320 Currier’s knife, similar. but broader; Tudor; 6 in. l., 4 in. w. London Wall.  
321 Currier’s knife, short blade, incurved edge ; XVI Cent. ; 6¾ in. l. London Wall, 1901.  
322 Shoemaker’s knife, iron, with curved edge, horned projection at back of blade, and short wooden handle; XVI Cent. ; 4¾ in. l. Worship Street.