Comenius, Johann Amos. Joh. Amos Commenii orbis sensualium pictus: hoc est, omnium principalium in mundo rerum, & in vita actionum, pictura & nomenclatura = oh. Amos Comenius's Visible World, or, a Nomenclature, and Pictures of All the Chief Things That Are in the World. London, 1705.

p. 78

The Shoemaker. LXIII. Sutor.


The Shoemaker,  1.
maketh Slippers  7.
Shoes  8.
(In which is seen
above the Upper-leather,
beneath the Sole,
and on both sides
Boots  9.
and High Shoes  10.
of Leather,  5.
(which is cut with a
Cuning Knife  6.)
by means of an Awl  2.
and Lingel  3.
upon a Last  4.
  Sutor   1. conficit,
ope Subula  2.
& fili picati  3.
super Modulo  4.
č Corio  5.
(quod Scalpro sutorio  6.
Crepidas (Sandalia)  7.
Calceos  8.
(in quibus spectatur)
supernč Obstragulum,
infernč Solea,
& utrinque
Ocreas  9.
& Perones  10.