Collection of D. J. Hile, Esq.

No. 119. African leather flask. Cut design, seventeenth century, with loop on back for suspending to girdle.

No. 126. Leather powder flask. Ornamented seventeenth century.

The powder flask or horn for carrying gunpowder was naturally necessitated by the invention of firearms; they varied greatly in form and material in the early examples, as will be better shown by drawings than by descriptions.

No. 127. Drinking vessel or goblet, holds half a pint. Nineteenth century.

No. 122. Leather jug. Seventeenth century, ten inches high.

No. 123. Leather powder flask, stamped and embossed, eight inches high. Fifteenth century, iron bound, with rude hook for suspending from the girdle, and two rings on each side.

No. 124. Leather powder flask, stamped and embossed with raised figures, eight inches high. Sixteenth century.

No. 120. African leather water-bottle with metal spout and leather handle, stitched with leather thongs, beautifully ornamented on both sides with cut design. Antique.

No. 125. Black Jack, seventeenth century. Dated 1647.

No. 121. Pilgrimís Costrel or water-bottle. Fifteenth century.