Ælfric's Colloquy (10th Century) From British Library, MS Cotton. Tiberius A III and Oxford, MS. Col. S. Johan.  Extracted from Wright, Thomas.  A Volume of Vocabularies.  (Modern English translation is mine)

  þu sceo-wyrhta hwæt wyrcst þu us nytwyrþnessæ
M. Tu, sutor, quid operaris nobis utilitatis?
  You, Shoemaker, what
  Ys witodlice cræft min behefe þearle eow and neodþearf
S. Est quidem are mea utilis valde vobis et necessaria.
M. Quomodo?
  ic bicge hyda and fell and gearkie big mid cræfte minon and wyrce of
S. Ego emo cutes et pelles, et preparo eas arte mea, et facio ex
  him gesey mistlices cynnes swyftleras and sceos leþer-hosa and butericas
  eis calciamenta diversi generis, subtalares, et ficones, coligas et utres,
  bridel-þwancgas and geræda flaxan vel pinnan and higdifatu spur-leþera and hælftra pusan
  frenos et falera, flascones et calidilia, caclaria et chamos, peras
  and fætelsas and nan sower nele oferwintran buton minon cræft
  et marsupia, et nemo vestrum vult hiemare sine mea arte.
  and purses and