Letter under the Privy Seal, as to a dissension between the Cordwainers and the Cobblers.
10 Henry IV. A.D. 1409. Letter-Book I. fol. lxxx. (Norman French.)

HENRY, by the grace of God etc., to our very dear and well- beloved, the Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen, of our City of London, greeting. We do send you enclosed herein a Petition, delivered unto us by our well-beloved lieges the men of the trade of Cordewaneres in our said city, touching a certain dissension and dispute that has been pending for some time past between them and the Cobelers in the same city residing, as by the same Petition may unto you more fully appear. And we do will and command you, that upon the matter contained in the same Petition you do cause due inquisition to be taken, and such government between the said trades to be ordained and established, for the ease and quiet of both parties, as is befitting, and ought to be befitting, according to the custom of our City aforesaid; that so, we may not have reasonable cause to provide any other remedy in this case. Given under our Privy Seal, at Westminster, the 21st day of January, in the 10th year of our reign.