Shoes forfeited, for being made of unlawful materials.
13 Edward II. AD. 1320. Letter-Book E. fol. ci. (Latin.)

ON the same day, there were taken by Richard le Cordewanere of Grascherch, and his fellows, who had been sworn to supervise shoes, the shoes of divers persons; namely, from William de Waltham, 3 pairs; from William de Grobbelane, 3 pairs; from Adam de Ailesbiri, 2 pairs; from Robert de Stortford, 2 pairs; from Robert de Kent, 3 pairs; from Roger Bogeys, 5 pairs; from John de Bradele, 3 pairs; from Thomas de Horneby, 3 pairs; from Paul, 1 pair; from John Richeman, 2 pairs; from William de Derby, 6 pairs; from John ate Bataille, 3 pairs; from Ralph de Coventre, 5 pairs; from William de Norhamptone, 3 pairs; from William Vast, 2 pairs; from John de Shene, 1 pair; from John de Wynchestre, 4 pairs; from Thomas Wastel, 1 pair; from William Wastel, 1 pair; and from Roger Broun of Norwich, 31 pairs: which shoes the aforesaid Richard le Cordewanere of Grascherche, and his fellows, say are false; for that every such pair, they say, is a mixture of bazen and cordwain. And they ask that inquisition may be held thereon; and the others in like manner, etc.

And the jurors say that the said shoes are false, as is imputed to them. Therefore they are adjudged to be forfeited, etc.