Womanís Cork Shoe.

The cork is to be prepared the same as directed in the manís cork shoe; only, instead of thinning it at the edge, you must leave it nearly of the same substance at the edge as it is in the middle, and square; but that part that is to be towards the heel must be taken thinner.

After you have fitted the cork, you must proceed the same as directed in the last article; only the rand must be wider in proportion to the thickness of the cork.

When you have sewed the rand in, and pared the spare leather off, that is above the stitch, &c. fill the vacant space that is near the sewing stitch with some skivings with wax, to level the sewing seam with the middle of the inner sole; and wax the inner sole and sewing seam before you put the cork on.

While the wax is warm put the cork on, and see that it covers the sewing stitches regular all round, and secure it to the last with tacks.óBefore you turn the rand over the cork, see that it is even, and square, and waxed; then turn the rand over the cork, and brace it; and proceed in every other respect as in the last article.

Woman's Cork Pump.


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