Cork Sole Boot or Shoe.

In making a cork boot or shoe, you must be careful that the cork is full as wide and as long as the last; then split the cork into two, as the common thickness of the cork sold at the cork- cutters is thick enough to split into two, for what is commonly used in boots and shoes.

After you have split the cork in two, round them to the last, level them, and reduce them to the substance they are required, and at the edge let them be a little thinner than in the middle; then round them to the real width they are to be: they should be but very little within the last, after allowing for the covering sock.—Now, to mould them to the last, let them be held to the fire by an awl or a fork, till the action of the fire causes them to curve or bend to the mould of the last; and you will soon discern when enough. Then round the inner sole as in any other boot or shoe, but mind that it be as wide as the cork. After you have rounded the inner sole, take it off the last, and put on the last the covering sock with the grain side to the last, (the covering sock should be of basil or calf skin; the shank of wax calf-skin is the best;) then the cork, and the inner sole on the cork, and secure them to the last, and be careful that they are all even and in their proper place. Then turn up the covering sock over the edge of the cork and inner sole, that, it may be sewed in. with the upper leather and welt.

Now, with the rest of the work you must proceed as in any other boot or shoe.

Woman’s Wood-heel Pump, Calf, Spanish or any kind of Morocco Leather.

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