Renewed Ordinances for the Cordwainers of the city of London, 1303

Appointing Searchers of Leather

(English translation is based on that extracted from Mander)

This Charter remained in effect from 1303 until  it was suspended later.


I.   . On the Monday next after the feast of Saint Bartholomew the Apostle, in the one and thirtieth year of the reign of King
Edward, by the Lords John le Blound, Mayor of London, Hugh Pourte and Simon de Paris, Sheriffs, William de Liere and other Aldermen, the following Ordinances were renewed in these words:
II. Whereas many good folks, Cordwainers of the City of London, have given to understand that John le Blound, Mayor,  
and unto the Aldermen of the same City, that some persons of their trade work false things, that is to say, mix bazil with cordwain, and calfskin with cowskin, and cut out shoes of bazil, of calfskin, of dogskin, and sell the same to knights and other great Lords of the land for cordwain and kid.