Thomas Blount

Extracted from Glossographia [London : Printed by Tho. Newcombe for George Sawbridge,, 1661, 5th edition 168)]

  To the Reader
  "The Shoo-maker will make you Boots, Whole-Chase, Demi-Chase, or Bottines, etc."
p. 91 Botine (Fr.) A Buskin or Summer-boot; we otherwise call them Boots with quarters, which have strings and no Spurs, but a heel like a shoo on the out-side.
p. 162-3 Cordiner, or Cordwainer, (from the French Cordvanier, or from the Lat. Corium, a skin and hide) a Shoo-maker, a Tanner, or Leather-dresser, a Currier.
  Cordovan Leather, so called from Cordova, or Corduba, a City in Spain.  In the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia, there is a beast called a Musoli, not found else-where in Europe, horned like a Ram, and skinned like a Stag; his skin carried to Corduba, and there dressed, makes our true Cordovan Leather.
p. 187 Demi-chase (Fr.) half-chase, or half-hunting boots; so called by the French, we call them Summer riding boots.
p. 279 Galloches, or Galloshoes, (Fr.) wodden Shoes, or Pattens, made all of a piece, without any latchet or tie of leather, and worn in France by the poor Clowns in Winter.  What our English Galloches are, and by whom worn, every one knows.
p. 476 Paten (from the Fr. Patin, Br. pattyr, or rather grom the Greek πατεν, i. calcθ, because 'tis always trod upon) a kind of woodden-shoo with an iron bottom, well known. See Patin.
p. 705 Whole-chase Boots, are whole hunting, or large riding boots; and Demichase are, with the French, half, hunting, or (as we call them) Summer riding Boots; though some of our Shoo-makers do ignorantly apply the word Demichase to a certain colour of the Leather.