"Satire", Harley 913 lines 73-78.  In Lucas, Angela M. ed. Anglo-Irish Poems of the Middle Ages

"The English poems of the British Library Manuscript Harley 913 were written in Ireland in the early fourteenth century. The manuscript has strong Franciscan associations. Sometimes called the "Kildare Poems" because of their association with that area and because one of them claims to have been written by Friar Michael Kildare." The following stanza is in a long list of "occupation" stanzas, where the author makes fun of each one.

Hail be ye sutters wiŞ your mani lestes,
WiŞ your blote hides of selcuŞ bestis,
And trobles and treisuses, bochevampe and alles!
Blak and loŞlich beŞ yur teŞ, hori was that route.
Nis Şis bastun wel ipight?
Euch word him sitte arighte.

Hail, you shoemakers with your many lasts!
With your pulpy hides of strange beasts,
and troubles and [plaiting tools], botch-vamp? and awls.
Black and loathsome are your teeth, dirty was that way.
Is not this verse well put?
Each word of it fits correctly.