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Post-Apocalyptic/Fantasy World


Technology continues to develop at the pace it is doing so now for the next little while, with no appreciable improvement in social development.


The wave front from a nearby supernova slams into Earth, essentially destroying all electronics of transistor or higher technology. The waves of radiation essentially deGauss all magnetic information systems, and even the most "hardened" sites are effected. In the resulting chaos, billions die from one cause or another (accident, failure to receive normal medicines, radiation sickness, etc.). Many land fill areas spontanously ignite. Civilization, as we know it, essentially comes to an end. Over the following decades, the various governments try to maintain some order, but with the collapse of the information infrastucture, as well as the vast scale of the crisis, the best they can do is to slow the decline into a new "Dark Age" Those few areas not absolutely dependent on technology, including religious groups such as Mennonites, the more "underpriveledged areas", survive the Blackout better, and form areas of relative stability. The fragments of the frustrated "underclasses" (the information "Have nots"), gangs, etc., all begin to band together, developing into "maruading" tribes, often just trying to survive. The 90% of the populace that weren't killed initially in accident, will be killed off by plagues, fighting for what's left of the minimal resources, etc. Many infants born in the next several generations (of all species), suffer from extreme (in some cases bizarre) mutations. The vast majority of mutants die off quickly, but some manage to survive, and even a few manage to reproduce. In many places, Technology is driven back into the stone age, since there is really no way to repair the damage done to the technical civilization.

1000 years later...

There are a few haunted ruins of ancient's cities, but most of the planet has returned to wilderness. Iron is rare and difficult to find, as are other metallic materials, and mining is fairly well restricted to seeking out remnants of metals in old ruins. Unfortunately, much of the bulk metals (such as auto scrap yards) were fairly well beginning to rust away long before 2050, since by 2000 the majority of the vehicles are built of plastics and composites. The plastics that have been exposed to the sun have long since broken down into powder. The composites that have survived this long are impossible to work with. The metalworking technology is actually fairly advanced, c.1600, but there is little metal to be wasted. Most tools, arms, etc., are made up of bone, antler, etc. Guns are known, and flintlocks are even used in some areas, but generally they are considered not worth the expense and trouble to make them. The general social level is on par with early Feudal Europe.



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