"Arms of Love Afire"
by Marc Carlson
Copyright 2004 by Marc Carlson
  Part the first,
In which our Heroine encounters three unpleasant truths.

            Envision, if you will, an aestival morn, the glittering sheen of leaves drenched in a cremuluriant emerald; viridescent meadow breaking as waves on the pebbled strand of celadon forest: overarching the luscious cambered bosom in its smaragdus gown lays the azure old-fellow with tufted eyebrows and beard of white glistening in the light of the great unblinking eye; and further, such a day as in the age long past before the tendril’d touch of the vile mechanical Excoriance tainted and tarnished the licksome gilt purity with its agrivultural harvesting: the Golden Age still zenith-wise enwombed with purpose and possibility.

            Behold her, snug-nestled supine in her hibernacle a’base the canopied absinthe beech; her somnolent eyes fluttering, aroused by the whirling wing beats of the quadralated insect o’er her countenance; stridulantly hovering and swooping about the fleshly valleys and crags, buffeted by the slow reiterative zephyr congruent to the rising of her fulsome barrows, garbed in satinous cramoisy.

            Upsitting abruptly with a strange cry, her hand to her mouth in surprised flight, gaping about addlewise, knowing not with obscure and perturbed faculties the locus, the day, nor in sooth her condition; espying a minute glistering pool of gathered dew a’by, and within the purest slender loveliness, twinned eclipses of scleraic orbs fulgent with opalent incandescence, enwreathed by long, lustrous becurl’d shrouds of even-bruised obsidian; the elegant, graceful upswept curve and taper’d tip of aural pinna and arched brows bestowing an unseely cast to the mien, a visage of a stranger unknown to her.

            Rising, it was discovered by her that she had been recumbent on a squamously redolent rucksack, eagerly opened with ovulatory curiosity for some illumination; only to find horry, catabolic tools: mouldering ferrous picks great and small, twisted crumbling prybars, slime-caked bouclé lines, scrofulous shattered spikes, dilapidated shark-toothed saws, deliquescent green-hide mallots, crumbling ragstone, and other ruined accessories of pilferous implication.