Having gotten truly bored with the evaluations and re-evaluations of Nostradamus's "prophesies", I've decided to write my own as the 'prophetic' spirit overwhelms me.  For the record, a quatrain is a 4 line poem, and can have any sort of rhyme scheme (such as abab, aabb, aaaa, etc).  They can be used to subdivide Sonnets.  Nostradamus's quatrains have numerous explanations and explications.  They generally seem to be ten syllable lines, in an abab format.  I prefer to think he was was describing things in his life.  In my case - well, you figure out what I'm describing...

Century 1
1 Alone in my office, night's velvet dark,
The soft tack of keys, square, plastic and stark
The flickering glimmer from nothing sought,
Building images of things that are not.
2 Ouiji-mouse glides seeking spirits' voices
Clicking, typing, dragging that we hold dear.
A trembling excitement shows my choices.
O happy day, the Muse is finally here.
3 On midnight's azure wings, a fire blossoms;
Three golden orbs dangle, red counterchanged.
In jelling waters, the basking fish sums.
Black Lab music; mind the gap; ash arranged.
4 White stain slowly bleeding down a red shirt.
Corpulent youth, dungaree'd flesh wattling
Face flushed and gasping breath from overwork.
Virgin breast, long life, black flames encircling.
5 White King, Black King, Standing there by themselves,
Listening to voices only they hear,
Sands of time vitrified in fires from Guelfs,
Tree-lined streets, brick-paved blood pours from the bier
6 Red and brown gold with sprinkles of red specks
From the broken north country, a steel spine
From the uncunning place, wisdom treks
In flaming oil, life and death intertwine
7 Plump town's gray stone keep, swelling castle high
Electromag falcons settle on probes
Stone footings, broken glass fragments, lead glazed sigh
Enclosed fields, pathfields, deep park, fields asleep.
8 A nation's spirit on eve of battle
Seven martyrs across the groundhog sky,
Burning, poisoning the King's land and cattle.
A people divided rejoin to cry.
9 A blond little girl fighting the dark bad
Chasing her sister into a deep grave.
Crawling up from heaven, lonely and sad.
Horror at Hell's Gate, who remains to save?
10 Untying the tangled lines, white and black,
An ancient family, the old land and new,
Trailing, and searching. the old paper track,
Legends are trod on, replaced by the true.
11 Two lovers meet to foil a family's plan
The sister desired by the rich and the poor.
Lies and deceit as only the young can.
Kept apart on two sides of the door.
12 Two silver birds in a cold mountain sky
A blazing phoenix from Trinity's blood
An unhappy meeting at two miles high.
Two gangs fighting, killing in the 'hood.
13 A knight errant's questing a King's Holy Grail,
Seeking, not finding, testing on the curve.
Finding old dusty cups, half price and on sale.
The Fisher King asking "whom does it serve?"
14 Nylon musk- sticky, sour overripe sweet.
Unwashed battle monkey, unconcerned stink,
Overripe sweated brass, stale sex and feet,
Duct tape and leather, alcoholic drink.
15 The Lion and the Carpenter fighting
The Tweedles: Dum and Dee gutted like fish.
Unicorn and Walrus not alighting
'Off with his head' was the Queen of Heart's wish.
16 Critical question, sensitive line,
Moon-shuttle conductor, graceful elide,
Manic foundation, Golden eyed wine,
Children must be this tall to ride this ride.
  17 Ice frozen hands, oft silence surrounds,
Enquisitive inquisition,
Computer screens watching, glassy walls surround,
To eschew the Internet position.
  18 As a lamb may lack'm, walk'm as a lamb,
So back air; Cheater Asti, John in jurist,
Cub as Tom, tashker, man no famidom,
Tar jamming codge ahs? How much is chubbist.
  19 Lightning bug shadows on a bloody hill,
The cowless hat feeds the divisive son,
Plastic men, cogs in a wheel turning still,
All hope is lost if the battle is won.
  20 Wood formula and an unwritten book,
Acutely drawn fibers in pitch-black holes,
Words mangled between skins, king's knight takes rook,
Clocks ticking away, looking for lost souls.
  21 Christmas light, golden stippled amber hue,
Smiling, crowds surrounding cheering, applause,
Black Mass progressing, advancing on cue,
The crowd afraid, and then saved with good cause.
  22 Les araignées enferment le monde dans leur enchaînement,
La guerre des flammes laissera mais non brûlée la terre,
La nouvelle terre est régnée par une bougie pas de lumière,
Marc Carlson indiquera les secrets de tout le cordonnier

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