The honorable Diarmaid O'Duinn, Esquire

  Diarmaid was also born around the Meath/Leinster border (Summer 1272), and left home after some fuss at the school he was attending in Dublin.  Signing on as a crewmember of a merchant vessel sailing to Spain, he has never returned to his homeland.  He's spent some time traveling about, mostly making business contacts, and finalizing business deals.  His business dealings have earned him sufficient income that he has the time and leisure to pursue his studies.  He and his wife Dunstana live in London, in a moderately sized house in the Parish of St. Dunstans in Eastcheap, within walking distance of the Tower, the River, and the German merchants with whom he does much business.  He has invested in a number of businesses around town, including that of one Jeremy Hill, Cordwainer.  He and Dunstana have two maids, and no children. Diarmaid recently paid for a Grant of Arms from the Crown, solidly placing him into the "gentle" class, and allowing him the use of the term "esquire".


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