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Diarmaid is the name of one of Marc's alter-egos, which he uses for a variety of different purposes, mostly historical re-enactment, in this case, specifically SCA.  In the SCA, there is what is called a "Persona" and with that is what has been sometimes jokingly referred to as a "Boring Persona Story".   The short form of Diarmaid's is that he's an Irish Merchant/Scholar living in London with his wife, Dunstana Talana (sometimes called The Violet).  The various spellings of this name change, depending on the period being presented.  In almost all cases, the essential person does not change. The exception is the first one.listed below.

The name is usually pronounced "Dare-made Oh Dunn", although it should more correctly be pronounced "DJair-(mait) Oh Doo-in"

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