Apprentice/Indenture Contract: Johan von Aue

               This indenture made on the Feast of the Saint Petroc, Saturday, 4 June, AS 40, being 2005 of the Common Reckoning. Witnesseth that Johan Wulfgang von Aue of Stuttgart, Palatinate and the like, Barony of Northkeep, Kingdom of Ansteorra, in good faith and without equivocation places himself into the service of Master Diarmaid O’Dunn, Irishman, of the Parish of St. Dunstan’s, London, and the like, Barony of Northkeep, Kingdom of Ansteorra, for the purpose of learning the Arte and Mysterie of research and applied scholarship to serve from the date thereof, for and during a term of not more than seven years, not to include any time owed in military service to the State, or until Johan Wulfgang von Aue attains a Patent of Arms in the Society, or until one or both parties elect to end this arrangement.
                During all which time, the said apprentice, the said master shall promise to bear faith in all things; to tell the truth and serve his secrets keep; to make a true effort to learn what is taught; his lawful commands readily to keep; shall do no damage to him or cause it to be done, nor see it done by others; not to rob him or take anything away from him; but in all things behave as a faithful apprentice ought to during the said term. And the said master shall admit to the foregoing and use the utmost of his endeavor to teach or cause to be taught or instructed the said apprentice in the Arte and Mysterie of research and applied scholarship; never to abuse or exploit him and never to demand any lawful thing that is otherwise to be expected of an apprentice; to provide and procure for him one garment or the equivalent means of clothing himself in every complete year of the aforementioned period of indenture, and to pay attendance fees, housing and board on those occasions or at those events where master and apprentice are both present.
                    And for the true performance of all and singular the covenants and agreements aforesaid, the said parties swear by those things they individually hold sacred, and they pledge all their goods and renounce the benefit of laws, etc.

In witness whereof the said parties have set their hands and seals hereunto

Dated: The 4th day of June, AS 40, being 2005 of the Common Era.

          Master Diarmaid O'Dunn

Dated. T

          Johann von Aue

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