In 1936, a body was found in a bog on the Island of Andøya, in Veserålen in northern Norway.  The body was sent to Tromsø Museum for examination.  From the style of the garments, it has been generally assumed that the individual was from the 13th-14th centuries.  The carbon dating has placed the garments to 995-1029 CE.

It has not been possible to determine the sex of the body due to the damaged condition of the skeleton.  From what remains, it is probable that the individual was about 155 cm (61" or about 5') in height.  Although badly decalcified, the bones seem to be very slender, and there has been a long confusion about whether the a woman or a small man, and perhaps either Norse, or Sami (Lapp). 

Please note that earlier versions of this page have stated "DNA analysis revealed a man with Sami genetic markers".  This is my translation error and does not reflect the facts.

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